8 Most Inspirational Ways Dogs Show Us How To Truly Live Our Life!

27 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Life with Dogs

See your life through a camera lens. How does it look? Are you appearing like someone who's going forward or someone who's staying still? There's so much depth in life that can only be caught by a camera. Times have changed, earlier words did all the talking. 

Now, photographs do. I love philosophy, and these pictures have given me a new way to live my life. Hope you all agree:


1. This world is infinite. The sky is not the limit anymore, it never was. If clouds were not as light natured as they are they would not have been above us. This teaches us that we have to take a moment and introspect how much of our life we're clenching in our own hands and how much are we letting go.



Image Source: pinterest


2. Does the rain care about where they're going to land, does the air know where it is going to go. Life just happens. Even if you try to control every single thing around you will never be able to make it more beautiful than what god had planned.



Image Source: pinterest


3. Sometimes you don't want to go anywhere. In life, everyone has those phases where they want to stay a while. Its happened to me more than it has happened to anyone. It doesn't mean I don't like other times, it just means I like this one right now. And right now is what makes your life.



Image Source: pinterest


4. Look at the butterflies. Don't forget that they're around you all the time waiting to be noticed. Little things in life are waiting too just like those butterflies.



Image Source: pinterest


5. Magic exists. Believe in mesmerising things which are beyond you. If a spark can happen so can a miracle. Life is too short to be spent doubting in greatness.



Image Source: pinterest


6. Could there be a day your dog doesn't want to play? No. So should there be a day you stop hoping for better times? No. Even if it is damn sunny out there. Even if it is too windy. Your life won't wait for you till you let the sun go down or the wind cool. Life is ever changing every moment. Play along!



Image Source: pinterest


7. Paper boats. Some things will be too small for you to fit in. You'll have to watch them go without you. It'll hurt a bit, in the beginning, to realise that you couldn't get in. But when you look at it after some time, you'll realise that you would've drowned in it anyway. So in a way, life did you a favour. 



Image Source: pinterest


8. Take the leap. Just take it even if it scares you.



Image Source: pinterest


Jessica Trinh is an 18-year old photographer based in South California. She made the following collection!


Image Source: pinterest


"I live in a box called a camera with the lens as my window and every day I sit on my couch watching the world outside through a different perspective. No worries, my dogs are right beside me looking at it the same way” – Jessica Trinh. 

We've seen lives change around us because of dogs. Hoping to have touched someone in a way nobody ever could. And if you wish to give photography a try this might help! Please leave your views in the comments section below!

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