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8 Signs Your Dog Shows ONLY to You, to Tell You- I Love You!

22 Apr 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News


If you own a dog then you surely must've felt that special love for him. You give him food, take him out for walks and do everything in your capacity to care for him. But how would you know if your dog loves you?

Well, here are eight special signs how your dog says he loves you in his own secret ways!

1. Dogs are pack animals and they like to huddle with their family especially while sleeping. It makes them feel safe and warm. So the next time he comes to your room with his innocent face and wagging tail, asking you to let him sleep on your bed, you should probably not hush him away as this is his way of showing that you belong to him.


2. Does your dog gets thrilled by your sight when you come back home? He may jump on you and start running around you, and wouldn’t let you enter unless you caress him. If this is the case, then surely he's been missing you while you were away. 


3. If a dog is staring into your eyes while wagging his tail then he's pleading you to play with him but those eyes mean much more than that. It shows that he feels comfortable and loved around you. Just your presence and embrace makes him cheerful.


4. Your dog follows you from one room to another because he doesn't want you out of his sight. You being around, makes him feel secure and protected. Even though sometimes you might get irritated (when he comes after you to the loo!), remember that they crave for your company.


5. Dogs may lick your face for many reasons but generally it’s a sign of affection. It may gross out some people (especially when they do it in front of your crush! Oh Damn!) but let’s just accept that it’s their style of loving us.


6. Ever noticed pups bumping into each other? They seem as if they’re wrestling but in reality they are playing and having fun. In the same way, if your dog is colliding (with heavy rubbing like a CAT) into you, he’s trying to have a joyous time with his buddy. This plays a big role in forming a bond between you two. Playing with their masters is the happiest moment of their day except for eating of course! 


7. Dogs can sense when you’re sick or emotionally down. While they have the potential to heal you by licking your physical wounds, they also have the ability to cheer you up while you’re feeling low. In times of sickness, they will watch over you and keep you warm. You can never feel lonely if you have a guardian angel by your side.


8. Have you got that funny special look from your pooch? He’s not making you laugh, rather showing his fondness by giving you a warm stare asserting that you belong to him.


These signs are not hard to miss. Our dogs constantly tell us how much we mean to them. We can appreciate their love by giving them some attention. However bad the circumstances in our lives may be, dogs will never leave our side and will be ever ready to cheer us up.

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