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9 Awesome Things Only A Loving Dog-Parent Would Understand

23 Feb 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Great, so you just got a dog home. And now you have zero idea what your life is going to turn into. Let me tell you how things will be:

1. Your boring days will be replaced with an over-excited dog who will always be upbeat and happy!



2. There will be no privacy at all when your friends/ family come over. Your dog will listen to everything you talk about, and also never leave the room.



3. Your dog will make sure you never ignore him. Really, he'll destroy whatever he finds (including your favourite pyjama) if you try and act busy.



4. Nothing will be as sweet as your dog. Nothing. Not even that ice-cream.



5. One day, you'll miss how he used to be when he was a little puppy. You'll crave for those days when he fit into your lap.



6. Oh and, you'll soon realise that he is smarter, way smarter than you. Try to hide a treat from him, you'll know what I mean.



7. You never spoil your dog. You just provide him with everything he needs and truly deserves. There is a difference.



8. You can never say no after looking into their eyes. They are patient and deeeeep!



9. You cannot imagine your life without them. Because frankly, life is a thousand times better when they're around!



Lastly, well he is trying to come and read this along with you! Hug him and enjoy!

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