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10 Reasons Why You Must Adopt a Retriever Atleast Once in Your Life!

19 Apr 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News


It is a scientifically proven fact that Retrievers are the most happiest Dogs of all times! They are carriers of happy vibes therefore have a very strong 'chi' - an ancient Chinese term for energy. Their presence will perk up a dull room and fill it with laughter and love.

Although a look at those deep dark eyes is enough to melt an iceberg, here are 10 reasons that will prove why all dog lovers should get a Retriever at least once!

1. Emotional anchor thy name is a Retriever- According to researchers at American Psychological Association, people who own Labrador or Golden Retrievers are happier, socially extrovert and are more self-assured than the general public.

Golden Retriever on sofa

2. Happy gym - Be it taking your Lab or Goldie for a morning walk or an evening stroll, there is never a lazy moment for a dog parent and therefore they are healthier. Count on them to get you the leash before your alarm rings!


3. Best fans of your Food - Family detests your cooking? These love balls will clear the tiniest scrap off their plates in seconds! Oh what ego-boosters!!


4. League of extra-ordinary stress-busters- Believe us, just on elook into those big, kind eyes and the most saintliest of a face will prove to be a greater stress buster than anything else in this world!

Golden retriever smiling

5. Dogsmatrimony.com? - These big mush-balls are so social that they will pull people towards themselves..err you too! Therefore, the chances of you meeting your soulmate while taking your dog out for a walk are higher than sitting at home ;)


6. Home Tutor – Your children can learn a lot from your dog. From being a compassionate human being to being responsible for someone else from a young age. Retrievers are very patient around kids and treat them like their own pups! Awww!


7. Loneliness no more - Right from the time you wake to being your cuddle bear in the night, your Labbie is the only one who will never tire away from your awesome company…ever! (Well, won't even send you to the Loo alone!)


8. A Perfect Shoulder - Your Goldie boy will never be able to see you in distress; it'll depresses him too. You can always count on him to cheer you up in their own little innocent ways.


9. They are the Cutest Puppies EVER!!- Look at that face? Can you resist a kiss?


10. A loyal friend for life - People will come and go from your life but this fluffball is deal of a lifetime. If they could, they would accompany you to the afterlife just to be with you! That is the loyalty of a Retriever!


Dogs and humans share a bond that can never experience with other people. They spend a lifetime in observing their parents and adjusting themselves to the ways of their parents. Need we give you more reasons to adopt a soul so pure?



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