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A Cobbler Stitching The Lives Of Indian Stray Dogs

16 Jan 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

India is blessed with a few people who keep their love for animals, specially strays above any happiness in life. So is the story of an ordinary cobbler, Manoj Purbhe whose selfless love for stray dogs makes him extra-ordinary. Manoj has been taking care of Moti, ever since the dog turned blind after a cruel acid attack by an unidentified person. 

cobblerSource: iamin (Deepak Singh)

Purbhe remembered "Moti used to be a very happy, lovable dog. He used to wag his tail when pedestrians passed by but would also bark at alcoholics or druggies hanging around in dark nooks especially in the evening. That night in 2012, I got to know that someone had thrown acid or some strong chemical at Moti and he was howling in pain, bleeding from both his eyes, I have seen dogs being hit and abandoned by people/societies, but I was never as much grieved as I was in 2012.  I rushed the dog to the municipality hospital in Turbhe, but by the time I reached, the damage was done. The retina was destroyed and Moti lost his vision. I thus decided to take care of him,”

Manoj loves the company of dogs and cherishes every moment spent with them. “There are days when I do not earn much, but that doesn't stop me from buying food for my dogs. My wife, Nirmala, supports me and is a dog-lover too. She has never discouraged me from feeding the dogs. She herself works at a Mahila Udyog in Nerul where she makes rotis and papad, earning about Rs 6,000 a month and this is how we both manage our expenses,"

He has found his true happiness in feeding to dogs. He is addicted to feeding and caring for the dogs for the past 15 years. "I am addicted to feeding these dogs now, just like people are addicted to smoking and drinking. I take care of them they are my children. They somehow fulfil my wish of having kids. I spend around Rs 80 everyday to buy milk and biscuits for them but I have never regretted it. I feed some eight dogs near my shop and three more near my house." he said.

This is what happened recently:

“One fine day, while I was opening my shop, a car stopped right in front of it and around four people got out searching for me. They were NRIs settled in the USA, they spoke to me about my life and asked me about the amount I spent on feeding stray dogs. I wasn't really looking for any monetary help as I was managing on my own for 15 years, but these people seemed genuine to me and so I accepted it as a kind gesture. They gave me Rs 3,000 and also noted down my bank account details. They promised to deposit some money every month in my account to help me feed the dogs," 

Its wonderful how people are helping other people to do good for the animals. And its amazing how Purbhe feels fortunate to help the strays and wants to do this forever. 

To help Manoj in building a shelter for strays, you can contact him here - 9967896547. Residents of Mumbai can approach him for any further help and support.

Source: IAMIN (Deepak Singh)


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