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As we continue our endeavour of thanking our pets for all the love and happiness they bring in our life. Their adorable mischievous antics that gives us the numerous aww moment of our lives. It is time we thank them for being such an indispensable part of all our lives. Today we feature Samrat Dey from Assam, he wants to thank his two adorable pets Skye and Joey for being such important part of his life.samrat dog lover

Skye is a two-year-old Pomeranian and Joey is a nine-month Lhasa Apso who live in Assam with Samrat. They love to play in the green fields near their home. Assam is a pristine land with a lot of lush green fields. Samrat™s both pets love to spend time in the plains. Their everyday routine includes playing in beautiful green fields, walking down a stream of the river and as Samrat says they love to dig sand. He says that because of these two adorable pooches he is a more responsible person and they bring immense happiness to his life.

Samrat is an ardent animal lover; he loves various kind of pet such as dogs, birds and rabbits and many other. Though, he never had an opportunity earlier to keep a pet. It was once he had completed his masters and was preparing for his PhD that he had discussed with his parents to keep a dog and they allowed him. This was the beginning of a beautiful journey.samrat & skye

Skye, the Pomeranian was a gift for her mother, which was given to her mother as a gift from his father on their 25th marriage anniversary. It was Samrat™s responsibility to look after him and in return, Skye has awarded them with his unconditional love and affection. Joey came to Samrat life as an accident he was adopted by his friend. Ever since then has been an eventful journey they both love to play and as Samrat calls it Joey is a powerhouse that keeps everyone else in the house busy. Both of them love to play and their favourite includes playing with a ball and a tug of war.

Skye is the more patient one when it comes to love and affection, he is Samrat™s constant shadow whenever he is at home. On the other hand, Joey is an energy bundle that loves to be up to some mischief or other. However, Samrat tries to discipline him, he can never refuse the kisses that are bestowed by Joey when he gets home.

Samrat wants to thank both of them for bringing this unconditional love in this world. Something he believes that one cannot find anywhere else these days. He says that every day with them seems like a celebration and his only resolution this year is to be his best and provide them love and affection just like the way these two give to him.

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