A Letter From Your Dog If You Die Before Him Or Her

05 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

I'm alone. This is the day in my entire life I was not ready for.

I was supposed to die first. I was supposed to die first because I loved you more than you loved me. Because my heart had nothing except you in it. 


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I can see you in front of me, but you're not looking at me.

I can see that you're there, but you're not touching my fur the way you always did.

I can breathe but I can't move. What has happened? 

You taught me how to do a handshake, how to give you a kiss, how to walk with you. But you forgot to teach me how to live without you.



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Did I do anything wrong?

Was I not being a good boy? Or was I pooping in the wrong places? Maybe you felt bad because I scratched you by mistake.

But I'm sorry for that. You know I am.

You know how to defend me in front of others. You know what to say to people when they blame me for scaring them.

Nobody else knows. Only you know. So why did you go?


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Was the bed too small for both of us?

Come back, I'll let you have it all. I'll sleep anywhere if I just know you're sleeping too.

I'll not be able to sleep without you. Do you want me to stay up all night and cry?

You need to come back.



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Did that hurt? I hope it did not.

You getting hurt was my only weakness. You being happy was my only strength.

I'll give god all the treats and toys I have. I'll give him my bone too. I'll never chew on furniture.

Ask god to send you back in return. Tell god I'll do anything for you.



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How do I run now? Who do I run to?

I can't see you calling my name. I sit here all day playing the memories we had together.

You gave me too many memories. It hurts.

It hurts so bad, you have no idea. I keep waiting for one more eye contact, for one more touch, for one more time you call my name. I'll keep waiting.



Source: shutterstock


Now you know how much your dog adores you. Make sure you spend time with him even if you're work is keeping you busy.


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