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A Love Letter From A Dog To A Grandmother

06 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

If someone gave me this letter once I got old, I would love that soul even after I leave this earth. And I would know deep in my heart, only a dog can have these blessed feelings for someone this old. Here's a letter a dog gives to his old grandmother as she gets extremely sick:


Hi gorgeous,

I came into your life after your hair turned grey, some also turned white. I came into your life when you couldn't climb the stairs without that stick support. I came when your mind wasn't sharp and you needed a friend.

You needed help because you became half as active as you were before. But you were still very very pretty.


Image Source: akchumanefund

My eyes used to look at you all day long. When you tried so hard to get out of the uncomfortable bed. When your teeth hurt the moment you chewed something hard. When you tried to smile, but tears came out.

Why did you cry so much? I always wanted to know. Was it because you were sick and it hurt? Or was it because your family never came to visit you?


Image Source: barkpost


If your family did not come when you had that severe heart attack, so what? I was there. I will always be there. You wouldn't have to look at my photo in a frame and cry the  way you do every night.

You just have to look at me right by your side praying for you to get better every single moment. That's because I don't want you to leave me and go. I will not be able to live without hearing your snore at night.


Image Source: barkpost

Please try to give me your hand. I promise I will make an effort to keep you active. Take one step I will take thousands. Make wishes, have dreams, don't let go of your will to live. Your life is just as precious as of those young people.


Image Source: barkpost


Get that fire back. Get that confidence back. Forget about all those people who hurt you in all these years. Just look at what you have today. You have me. You have my attention. I want to see you back on your feet and I want to go on adventures with you. Because I love you and I believe in you. Despite what the doctors say, you will get better.


Image Source: barkpost

With love,

Your dog


A dog is indeed a blessing. A dog knows no tricks of life. He is pure and full of love. So sometimes I think why do people expect love from other people when they can get unlimited love from dogs.

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