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A Love Letter From Your Dog - Try Not To Cry

01 Feb 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Dear Human,

I love food. I love you more. I love walks. I love them with you. I love sleeping. I love it with you.

You are my favorite. Your little snore at night is music for my ears. Your voice in the morning wishing me good-morning is the only thing that makes my heart dance. The letter is a little long, but please read it till the end, because I have written everything I want to tell you.




I love the way you smile when you're happy. When you look in the mirror and try to make your hair, I always think you're already the prettiest person alive. I don't think you need that make-up or lipstick to be my dream-girl. You are beautiful, just the way you are. Your perfect face makes my heart jump around and beat very fast. 




When you're busy working on that laptop screen, and some words you read make you sad, I am always sitting right under the table. I look at your eyes and see tears coming down. Sometimes they hurt you so much that I can feel how much sorrow you are trying to hide from the world. Hide it from everyone, but you will never be able to hide that pain from me. Because I breathe your air, I live for you and I feel what you feel. I am a part of you.




If you look at me, into my eyes. If you look at me, into my heart. You know what you'll find? You'll find the most unconditional and selfless love in the whole world. I never ask you to stay with me all day long, even if that is what I wish for all the time. I do not ask you to share food in the same plate. I do not ask you to buy me expensive gifts. What I ask for is, that you get everything you dream about. All the success, all the happiness and all the love. I pray for you everyday with all my heart.




They say, humans are not as kind as my kind. They say humans are selfish and mean. But when I look at you, with my eyes, I see a pure little angel, who wants to live life at its fullest and also never intends to harm anybody else. I see how caring you are to others and yet, sometimes misunderstood. You don't need to prove anything to me. I know you, and I am always with you.




I promise to be with you through everything. But we both know there will come a day, when my promise will break. I will have to leave you alone in this big world. After that day I will never be able to feel your hand around me. I will never be able to run around with you and play fetch. I will miss all the times we spent together. I know you will too. I know you'll cry for months and keep wishing for a miracle for me to come back. You will be ready to give up anything to spend just one more day with me. Your heart will have a huge hole, in which nobody except me will ever fit. You'll dream about me every night and call my name in your sleep. Thats how much it'll hurt when we won't be together.




So today, while we still can, lets sit with eachother for hours and hold eachother with love. While we still have time, lets switch off the phone and talk to eachother from our hearts.

P.S- Even when I'll go, I will be watching. I'll always be your angel.



Your Dog.

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