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A Painful Letter Filled With Reality Faced By Stray Dogs (Must Read)

15 Mar 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

This article filled with the horrific truth was sent to us by Ankit Gupta. He witnessed something all of us dog lovers have experienced and has written his mind so beautifully for us. We'd encourage everyone to take out a few minutes and feel the pain through this letter.


On a Sunday noon, while I am trying to reinforce energy for the full week, my mind is still dribbling with the unfortunate incidents that kept happening during the week. This keeps occurring in other places, given I became a party to this one, my eardrums are not at peace this time

I used to read a lot about the dog killing festivals, the Kerela culling incidents, but could never do something beyond signing umpteen petitions begging the law for a solution. Who cares about animals when the law is too busy with hundred thousand of cases pending for humans which are deemed most  important for this world. We are not just a superior race, we are also more important for this world to proceed. Why do we need animals, plants, trees or the other elements for survival? At somepoint in life, we will have science finding a replica of these things with ease. 

We have close to ten dogs near our house in my hometown. Not that we have a farm house to live, but given we have taken their habitat, these dogs have been surviving in and around small parks close to the house we live. At first we do not agree that the place belongs to them, they do not have a registry like we do. They also don't have the right of tenancy, neither they pay us rents nor have they got any lease done with us. Going against these two very important principles, we have let them stay around.  This also goes against the law of materiality which in modern time supersedes the principles of humanity. Possibly we are too old school, so we combat with 90 percent of our neighbors to feed them. Wonder why we are feeding these illegal incumbents who are mistaken to be believe that nature belongs to them as well?


Somehow my family sees a family in these kids, they make noise but at the same they win our hearts with their constant display of loyalty, honesty and affection. I have never seen myself walking to any closeby place without them accompanying me. No matter how far I would go, these boys would guard my back. I may be meeting them once in a quarter but the affection has never been an outplay of time I give them. In return, all they want is a place in my heart and may be some food for survival. Whether it is pedigree, a stale bread or a glucose biscuit, the love returned is non binding and priceless.


There may be thousands like us but there are also millions who feel that the law of materialism weighs much more than humanity. So, on some complaints, we had a team of boys(who call them dog squad, appointed by some anonymous authorities but with one mission purpose of catching them). The reason was simple, dogs were deemed to be risky for humanity, they could be harmful to the kids, the ten of them could also produce nuclear or chemical weapons to kill society of some 1000 people. The trained boys were sharp, it took no time for them to demolish these countable accused like commodities and put them horrifically in cages. The dogs kept howling and their emotions got overwhelmed by the smiles of society members. Of course they do not have to fight with us and see these illegitimate souls taking pie of their legal land.

When the dogs were pleading us for rescue, all we were thinking as to why we should get them out of the car. Is it because they get a life better than they used to have? Will they not be kicked for barking at some suspicious people? Will further stones not be thrown at them? Will they be again penalised for sleeping under our cars to fight cold or heat? 


We took all necessary steps for their rescue , whether they are released after sterlisation(so-called) or not is a question, the world for them is status quo. My family will have to fight everyday for giving them food and they will be traumatised by people for taking each bread given to them. At some point I also think that they should be sent to heaven for what they are, for the qualities they possess. I think they do not deserve a place like ours, there must be a world better than ours, where there is respect for unconditional love and loyalty, where you are given treatment of being equal if not superior. 


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