A Peak Inside The Soul Of A Stray Dog In India

05 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Stray dogs. They're everywhere. Who are they? They're those dogs who even though come into this world as cute as the ones we have at home, but unfortunately don't find a home. But believe us, they're looking for their homes.

Take a moment and Read this voice of a stray dog:

I was born today, my body seemed perfect. I landed on some hard ground though and I think some stones hurt my sensitive skin. Maybe that's why I have these permanent marks on the skin below my fur.


Image Source: maxresdefault

Its time to start looking for food. Any food is good. I just hope I find one piece of roti today. I haven't eaten for 3 days. Other big dogs snatch away the food I find. They say they're stronger. They really are. I don't want to be like them.

Image Source: pinterest

I want to be like the dogs who stay in big homes. They're well taught and well mannered. Nobody has the time to teach me. Some good people walk by petting me from a distance and telling me that I'm the cutest dog they've seen. But some people beat me with metal and wood rods, sometimes stones (they hurt a lot), also chilli powder. And last holi they put so much colour on me that my skin burnt for months and my eyes gave up.


Image Source: pinterest

We're so many. That's why people think if they kill a few it won't  make a difference. They're wrong. It will make a difference. I don't want to be killed. I still want to try looking for my home. God made a home for everyone, I just haven't found my human and home. Maybe my human is looking for me too. So how can I give up?

Image Source: earthporn

Sometimes I get so tired, I feel like accepting defeat. From this world, from this torture, from this everyday struggle. I can't breathe some days in the summer. And winters some with sleepless nights due to the chilled road. What is it that is worth all this pain, I often ask myself.

Then a voice inside my head says, that human who will keep you safe once he finds you.


Image Source: alisohani.wordpress

A message for all you people who are looking for a dog to bring home, please consider getting home a homeless stray dog. They deserve to be loved too.

If any of you have your story to share with the stray dog you adopted, leave it below as comments, we'd be happy to share it with all our readers!

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