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Aren’t pregnancy photoshoots really cute? But ever heard of a dog having one? Here you get to see!

  photoshoot 2    

Lilica from Brazil is a new proud mommy of beautiful children. She had a beautiful photoshoot to show off her baby bump just a day before she delivered healthy and darling babies. Lilica, by the way, happens to be a gorgeous dog.

The photographer and coordinator of this shoot, Ana Paula Grillo was familiar with people having pregnancy photoshoots. She knew how beautiful and magical pregnancy is, and the importance of documenting the days before motherhood and the arrival of the little ones. So she thought she could try to do a pregnancy photoshoot with her neighbour’s pinscher mix dog. And it turned out to be absolutely brilliant.

According to Grillo, the Lilica was a perfect model. She seemed to know exactly what was going on, and seemed to be very happy with the attention that was being paid to her pregnant self. She struck a number of perfectly natural but brilliant poses to show off her belly bump.

Grillo said that it felt amazing to do this photoshoot. It was just like Lilica understood everything and made gorgeous, sensational poses, with a bright smile lighting up her pretty face.

  photoshoot 1    

Grillo hardly did any editing with the photographs except for the bit of colour correction. But apart from the that the photographs are absolutely in their natural state just like the happiness of Lilica, who the very next day after the shoot, became the proud mother of five adorable pups, one girl and four pups. The little ones have already found loving homes with family members and close friends so that they do not have to stay away from Lilica, the proud and happy mother who takes care of them so protectively.

  photoshoot 6      

Lilica was all dolled up for her shoot with a pearl necklace and magenta flower around her throat. Her beautiful shaded fur of ebony and chocolate sometimes tending towards fawn contrasted beautifully against the fresh green grass and light coloured wooden chair that was used in the photoshoot. And the photographs are absolutely natural. Lilica is seen lolling in the grass while someone pets her lovingly, she is seen with her front legs up on the chair, looking straight into the camera lens with a rare confidence. Her eyes are bright with happiness and enjoyment as she enjoys her special day with her loved ones around her, a fitting precedent to the beautiful day that will come next when she gives birth to her darling pups.

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