About us

We love all things dog!

DogSpot.in came into being as an idea to help people raise their pets. CEO & Founder, Rana Atheya has been an avid dog lover and a reader all his life. While working at his corporate job, he was frequently asked to advise on pet keeping. He identified the knowledge gap and thought it would be a great idea to start putting this information in the public domain and involve other pet owners to share their experiences as well. DogSpot.in started as an online community that told people the how tos and gotchas of raising pets in the Indian context.

What started as a modest story, has become a well known name in the pet industry and pet households. Everyone behind DogSpot.in is first a dog lover and then an entrepreneur. The passion for dogs is hence a common binding and driving force!

Today DogSpot.in is the single largest destination for people seeking premium content and a seamless online shopping experience for pets. The team is well networked to gather information and present it correctly to the Indian pet community from almost all parts of the country. DogSpot is a one stop platform for all of dogs' needs. We aspire to solve real world problems in the dog world, by aggregating and organizing information, bridging gaps and in effect bringing the community closer.

In the last three years, DogSpot.in has taken a lead in bringing the community closer by expanding our knowledge base and creating educational content videos across multiple social media platforms. Our online pet shop brings you the best of Indian and international brands to provide the best of the breed (pun intended!) to all our users.

In recent years, DogSpot received direct investment from Ratan Tata to help bolster the company and continue our journey in the world of dogs.