Are you adopting an adult dog? Read this!

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People find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to adopting an adult dog, and even if they adopt an adult dog they get confuse on following:

Can I change the dog’s name?

What is the right time to adopt?

Will the dog adapt to the new environment? And many more

First thing: If you have no prior experience with a dog, never adopt a Guard dog breed or a dog that shows signs of aggression. It’s like playing with petrol and fire; one small mistake will crash and burn your and the dog’s life.

As you are new to dog world and you have not much idea about dog and their psychology. In case of an adult dog, they already have their routine and code of conduct according to his old family and you have to again shape everything according to yourself. The very first thing you have to do is to establish an Alpha position.

When you bring the dog to your home restrict him to the place where you want him to keep. It doesn’t mean you separate from your family and leave him alone. Keep in mind that dog is already unhappy with the change and do not have faith in you. He had a different master and he is not with him anymore.




After this doesn’t interact with him too much just assume that he is not here. Don’t play with him, don’t try to play some trick or try to excite him. He will be trying hard to adapt himself and if you will excite him HE COULD BITE. Change is always stressful for anybody.  Let him come to you and sit in front of on his own. This will mean that he is showing interest in you.

Feed him according the schedule you want to feed him and again this is without interaction. Don’t try to give command at this stage not even he is friendly. Just feed him without talking and remove his bowl after he finishes his meal.

Take your dog to walk two times a day. He might be scared but you have to be confident enough for him and make him believe that he can trust you. If you find your dog pulling you immediately stop and stand and let him stop or change the direction of walk. If he still pulls you just seek for a professional help.

Repeat the above things for a week and if you will do everything right within a week or two the dog will be comfortable, then you can start training. All the things I have mentioned will help you to establish your Alpha position silently. Most of the dogs will respond to this practice very well for rest others I will recommend you to seek a professional help.

Ah!!! and I forget to tell that no name calling before that, then you can call him by the name you want as time will pass he will respond to his new name. It is a total myth that we can’t change the name of a dog.  You can adopt a dog anytime but it will take more time to make the dog comfortable.

*If the dog shows any signs of aggression after this also please ask for professional help.

Keep Smile and Keep you Dog happy



Before adopting an adult dog get a medical report from the original owner of vaccinations given, sicknesses in the past, and its parents. Further get a full blood test of the subject including kidney and liver function test, lipid panel and full blood chemistry so that you are not in for surprises later on when the dog gets sick. Our Bozo was an abandoned dog of Indian Spitz lineage taken off the streets with dwarfed legs. We just fell in love with it. Whereabouts of its owners was not known. Earlier we had a street bitch of less than one year age that we had taken in after its mother was deliberately killed by being run over by a car. But then one must know the difference in style of living of a street dog and a pedigree. The former prefers to live outside and the latter prefers to live inside. Suits us. Now Bozo has a companion to nose around at the gate whenever she comes for food.

By: gspal | 26 Mar 2011

Gopal Krishna
@gspal thanks for sharing the medical part of the adoption process sir. Hope people will find all these informative.

By: Gopal Krishna | 26 Mar 2011

Gopal your article on adopting an adult companion is damn good. However, taking in an adult dog is not for first timers. Bozo has been with us for six months now. Name calling? Bozo rarely responds to its name.Though we are very close with Bozo and it trusts us, yet our relationship is not like it was with Jerry that we had brought up as a pup. For example we cannot wrap our arms around it yet. It runs away. The only kind of affection it allows is rubbing its head on our hands or allowing us to tickle its head or belly. A vet before examining Bozo prefers to have us put a muzzle guard on. There were no such problems with Jerry. Again, we could give medication or feed directly into Jerry's mouth or command it to open it to for oral examination. In case of Bozo better not ever dream of it! So medications are given via a needleless syringe. Again Bozo will never take food from our hand. It is not aggressive with strangers after we have let them in and gets friendly with guests up to a limit as mentioned above. What it likes most is to be the center of attention among our daughter's friends. For us it is a new experience with our new family member, Bozo who does not like treats.

By: gspal | 28 Mar 2011

As far as my lab concern I'm better lucky in tht case. I've adopted him at the age of 2.5 yrs & he is with me since 8 months. He is so lovely and obeys commands, even we can get hug, play mouth game etc.. A thing tht is dangerous tht if i touch his paws much more time he can action like biting. Now the medication problem was earlier had with us..bec'se he has a big mouth with sharp enough to be afraid...and we'd have it by needle less syringe. But now we know tht he can eat it by mixing the medicine in biscuits. so its quite easy task now. Also he is not aggressive to strangers as he only barks to new one and go near them and wags his tail...But I think this is lab's nature. Concerning to his name "ARTU" was given by his previous owner and we got all the papers of him. so name is not a question here. But at the time of adoption, we were not provided information about his food, so it was quite diff. to adjust him though he generally eats everythin we serve him. moral is tht he is now a hero of our house.

By: Bijal | 28 Mar 2011

I dont think adopting an adult dog is right nor do I think it right on the part of the previous owner to put up his adult dog for adoption! if he wants to give his adult dog for adoption then WHY keep a dog/pet in the first place. Many owners have the finance to buy a majestic dog for their home or for status. But later on with mismanagement they find it difficult to retain the dog fiurther then they give it up for adoption. Such people/owners should be penalised or even imprisoned as is done in other countries like the USA etc. India is very lenient towards such things as the govt does not support injustice even to human beings then where is the question of supporting animals????????????????

By: nithia | 20 Apr 2011

iam going to adopt a beagle she is 1year old and beagle is a playfull dog i think she wont bite us(family members)

By: ashwin | 20 Sep 2011

Yepppp! It really takes millions of thoughts before you adopt one pet dog because the dog is going to be one of your family members. The dog may get on well your families or not. The dog will lives happy or not here in your family. If you do adopt one, you must choose good supplies such as, food and so on. In one word, it's no easy to breed the dog.

By: Derry | 28 Oct 2011

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