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Being the most popular pets before dogs, cats seem to have it easy in life. Did you know they outnumber dogs by 3:1? After having been eternally compared and weighed against each other as the ‘better’ pets of the two, many graphical animated depiction have given rise to the notion that dogs and cats are life long nemeses. Truth be told, dogs and cats can co-exist perfectly well, if guided properly. And for those flagbearers of the dogs vs. cats argument, dogs and cats are quite different as pets to even compare with each other. 

ash charlie

Here we feature, two kittens, Ash & Charlie, who have enthralled our hearts along with their new family who adopted them through the Adoption Portal at Till now adoption procedures have been quite informal and offline, restricting the people to visit one shelter at a time and having their options restricted to only pets available in front of them. We work with a vision to change this and display all possible rescue and shelter cases on one website. We receive and record all forms from interested adopters and filter the same before passing them on to the respective shelter homes (Rescue organizations or independent shelter homes). The purpose of this invaluable feature is to streamline and expedite the adoption process and to make things easier for both activists and interested parents. 

cat ash

Ash & Charlie were about 4 months old when they came into our database. They were littermates and pretty much inseparable for the entire time. In tough times like abandonment and isolation, the stress of  going to shelters and foster homes can sometimes be too much for these young creatures to take. But having the company of someone like you who is there by your side at all times,makes these hardships just a little bit easier. So was the case with these two kittens, as even after getting adopted, they never lost their zeal and energy levels of playful kittens. 

Ms. Shipra Singhal, our in-house Adoption Counsellor, happens to be a cat lover herself. She had a similar story where she was gifted two kittens who were littermates; who she christened Barfi and Jhilmil. The amount of work she puts in every adoption case is commendable as it involves meticulously managing a database of all dogs and cats that come in and also regularly updating the status of whether they are ‘Rescued’, in ‘Foster Care’ or ‘Adopted’. So much coordination and cold calling is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. It might seem smooth like a breeze for her now that she has taken up the responsibility under her wing. She helps provide a personalized service to all stakeholders involved, ranging from interested adopters to animal activists and all in between. 

In context to this case, the coordination and execution was significantly easier as she could relate to the story. The feedback of the new parent, Ms. Roopali Bajpai, portrayed exceptionally high satisfaction of how the case was taken care of. For cats, coordinates mostly with an entity called ‘EVERYTHING MEOW’ which provides a similar mediation model as ours but exclusively for felines in Delhi NCR region. 

Shortly after going to their new home, received a post-adoption e-mail from Roopali about her experience so far. Here are a few quotes from the same: 


I'm having the time of my life with Ash & Charlie. They are a bundle of energy and a constant source of entertainment! They love to snuggle with me, when they're not jumping on me that is.

I decided to adopt because firstly, I don't really believe in putting a price on a life and also because there are enough babies around who need loving homes, why not give them a chance first!

I had been looking for kittens to adopt, I had asked my friends and then one of them told me about DogSpot. I was going through the pictures of cats for adoption and when I saw little Ash and Charlie, I knew that was it!

The moment I let Ash and Charlie out of their basket, it was love at first meow! I can't imagine not having them around already. They sit next to me on the kitchen slab every morning when I’m making my morning tea and snuggle in with me every night when I go to bed. I can never imagine doing those things without them anymore!

To people out there looking for companions- there are always advantages to buying a pedigree animal as I get that they have been bred to suit your needs But that, I believe, is a lazy way of going about life. The challenge of bringing a baby home, not knowing what they're going to be like, and the joy of you discovering each other, really making an effort to understand each other and growing together, now that is a REAL relationship!”

Our fulfillment and encouragement levels go up multifold when one receives an appreciation or follow up e-mail expressing some sort of gratitude for our services. Initially, many seasoned people in the adoption circuit were skeptical of the ‘catch’ behind this adoption service. It is slightly understandable for people to assume that a commercial entity such as would always have a financial agenda behind any new feature on their website. But one must not forget that this website first started as a blogging website for the enthusiasts, slowly building into a community of dog lovers where all queries were discussed by experts on one forum. Only about 4 years of this progression did evolve into an e-retailer. The ultimate goal of will always be improving and sustaining better pet-keeping with elevated intellectual state of mind and hopefully one day the entire nation will stop treating livestock as commodities and be grateful for their domestic companionship and utility. 

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