Elsa, German Shepherd for Adoption, Delhi

Basic Information

Dog Name: Elsa
Breed Name: German Shepherd
Status: Available
Temperament: Playful, Friendly
Gender: Female
Location: Delhi
Age: 1 year, 3 months and 7 days old

Elsa is a lovely young German Shepherd girl. Her owners moved to another location, and, they left her behind, locked up inside the empty house. She was in there without food and water for at least 4 days. Eventually, Elsa was let out, weak with hunger and thirst, barely able to walk. She stayed close to the empty house. Some kind neighbors tried to feed her but she wouldn't eat. An SOS went out and Elsa was rescued. Presently she is being fostered by a wonderful human being. He is pampering her, giving her all the love she craves, and a nourishing diet with supplements as prescribed by the vet. Elsa is blossoming day by day. Perhaps her owners abandoned her because it seems she had rickets when she was younger, which has resulted in a slight deformity of the lower front legs. But she goes for walks and even plays quite happily, without discomfort. A few weeks of treatment and Elsa's legs will improve by at least 60%. Even without treatment, she will not get worse. Her foster father says Elsa is a complete darling, gentle, loving, and obedient. If you feel you are the one please come forward. Share and spread the word. Pre and post-adoption house checks and other adoption formalities are mandatory. Available for adoption in Delhi/NCR.