Happy, Indian Pariah Dog for Adoption, New Delhi

Basic Information

Dog Name: Happy
Breed Name: Indian Pariah Dog
Status: Available
Temperament: aggressive
Condition: Healthy and active
Gender: Male
Age: 8 months and 2 days old
Vaccination: none
Sterilized: no
Age Type: Baby (< 2 months)

Happy is a great dog, it brings tears to my eyes thinking of parting with him. I rescued Happy near my area during a rainy cold day, he was drenched in rain. abandoned by his owner (not sure) because his mother or brothers were no where to be found. He is a brilliant puppy, very intelligent and with loyal traits.

Great looking; ~2 months old; teething stage, so he bites everything including his human (but in play mood) this biting phase is very normal and passes away after some time; eats normal solid food;