Lost Baby , Cat for Adoption, Bangalore

Basic Information

Dog Name: Lost Baby
Breed Name: Cat
Status: Available
Temperament: Human & Cat Friendly, Sma
Condition: Healthy, Active & Survivo
Gender: Male
Age: 5 months old
Vaccination: Not Yet
Sterilized: no
Age Type: Baby (< 2 months)

Hello. Greetings! Someone left this 2 month old male kitten in our building, we couldn't be quiet and had to rescue for his safety. At first, we was covered with mud, fleas and very much dehydrated. We were worried too but didn't give up the rescue. Gave bath, removed fleas, dewormed him. He didn't eat initially but we fed him, gave him wet food which he liked later. He looks quite skinny but very active, playful, outgoing and smart i have to say. We can't adopt him as we already have 2 cats. Couldn't leave this small baby on the street without support. If you intend to adopt and give him a new family, I'll be very thankful. WhatsApp - 9353913974 Location - Bommanahalli, Bengaluru - 560068