Coco, for Adoption, New Delhi

This Pet has already been adopted, However we can help you get furry friend home.

Basic Information

Puppy Name: Coco
Breed Name:
Status: Adopted
Temperament: Playful and affectionate
Condition: Healthy
Gender: Male
Location: New Delhi
Age: 6 years, 11 months and 19 days old

Meet tiny Coco, nearly 6 weeks old sweet kitten. He is just adorable and lovely. A family who love animals but does not have time to invest in their daily chores/walks/grooming. Well, you could probably think of adopting a CAT!! Yes, they are easy to maintain, groom themselves, usually litter-trained(not to mention they do not bark or drool!!) what else can you ask for! They absolutely love their human companions and their independent nature make them complete hassle free to pet. If you are willing to adopt, please contact or help a friend adopt one. Give this kid the life he deserves, give him a home. Pre and post adoption house checks and other adoption formalities are mandatory.