Spy, Indian Spitz for Adoption, New Delhi

This Pet has already been adopted, However we can help you get furry friend home.

Basic Information

Dog Name: Spy
Breed Name: Indian Spitz
Status: Adopted
Temperament: Playful and affectionate
Condition: Shy
Gender: Male
Location: New Delhi
Age: 11 years, 6 months and 8 days old

Spy as we named him is an adorable looking male Spitz who was found by the roadside somewhere in Delhi. He was spotted wearing a blue collar and leash. However, we do not think he was lost but was intentionally abandoned by his current owners. Turns out he was not that unlucky and was rescued by someone. As much as his rescuer wants to keep him but he cannot. He lives in a rented apartment and already has three dogs so he is looking for somebody who can urgently give Spy a foster/forever home and the life he deserves to live. Spy is a very gentle, docile, calm and very affectionate dogs. He is an amicable dog and will be of no trouble at all wherever he goes. Indian Spitz is the most popular breeds in India. They are complete family dogs, they are active, love to cuddle and seek your attention. They are also great with kids.This breed is perfect for an apartment. All he would expect in return is some love. To adopt please contact. Pre/post house checks and other formalities mandatory.

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