Pepper, Mongrel for Adoption, Mumbai

This Pet has already been adopted, However we can help you get furry friend home.

Basic Information

Puppy Name: Pepper
Breed Name: Mongrel
Status: Adopted
Temperament: Playful and affectionate
Condition: Healthy
Gender: Female
Location: Mumbai
Age: 6 years, 11 months and 9 days old

Meet this beautiful black beauty, Pepper!! She is an absoulte delight. She is a very loving and playful kid. Loves her human company. She is healthy and her deworming/vaccinations will start soon. She is a little bunch of happiness and joy, any household would be delighted to have her around. Desi puppies are the best to pet as they easily adapt to Indian weather, have no major health issues, low maintainence in terms of grooming and food. They would love you equally or even more than any pedigree dog. We are looking for a family who genuinly love animals and who would open up their hearts for her like they would for their own baby. Give her all the love and care she deserves and in return you are sure to have a lifetime friend. She would be there to listen to you everytime you need her and sit patentiely through long conversations!! Spread the word. Please help us find her a home. Pre and post adoption house checks and other adoption formalities are mandatory.