Stella, Rottweiler for Adoption, New Delhi

This Pet has already been adopted, However we can help you get furry friend home.

Basic Information

Puppy Name: Stella
Breed Name: Rottweiler
Status: Adopted
Temperament: Playful and affectionate
Condition: Healthy
Gender: Female
Location: New Delhi
Age: 7 years and 21 days old

Stella is an adorable Rottweiler puppy. She was brought home by a gentleman who was unaware of the fact that his wife is completely petrified of dogs, to such an extent that Stella and his wife cannot stay in the same room!! Unfortunately this little kid is now up for adoption. We are looking for a family who has prior experience in keeping dogs. A family who considers her like their own child and give her all the love and care she deserves. The adopting family should be able to invest time for her daily exercise and preferably have a garden/lawn for her to have ample space to run around considering Rottweiler's high energy levels. Please help spreading the word until this lovely girl finds a beautiful home. She will be a wonderful addition to any household she goes to. Pre and post adoption house checks and other adoption formalities are mandatory. Neuter is a must.