Dabloo , Labrador Retriever for Adoption, New Delhi

This Pet has already been adopted, However we can help you get furry friend home.

Basic Information

Puppy Name: Dabloo
Breed Name: Labrador Retriever
Status: Adopted
Temperament: Friendly
Condition: Healthy
Gender: Male
Location: New Delhi
Age: 7 years, 2 months and 18 days old

Our Dabloo (W) is up for adoption. A beautiful Labrador - desi mix (with major Lab traits), he was abandoned around 10 days back at Friendicoes, where he caught Sonia Walia's attention, who moved him into foster care. He is infection-free and hale and hearty, at his foster Mommy - Payal 's home. He's friendly, naughty, energetic and loves to make doggie and human friends.