Adorable Story of a Blind Dog Rock-Star Noah Who Teaches Diversity At This School

01 Jun 2017 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Lisa Edge is in class helping students finish up their school work. In her classroom there's a teacher's pet named Noah. Noah is a 2-year-old Cockapoo. "Laid back, real cool, real even and that's what makes him a great therapy dog,” said Edge.

"You can just pick him up and hold him and you can feel that someone understands," said Timothy Engh, Platteville High School Principal, Wisconsin ,USA

At first glance, you can tell, Noah's life isn't exactly easy. Noah the Bichon Frise/Poodle mix was found barely alive at five months old hi in the dirt at a backyard breeder in California. He was blind and had deformed hind legs, and he wasn’t getting the kibbles he needed to survive. He weighed just two lbs. when the rescue organization Saving K9 Lives found

“He and his sisters were just on the brink of not making it. It took a crew to bring them back to health,” said Edge. When the two were matched together, Edge made herself a promise. "I knew we had to use him for the greater good. I promised that I would do something special. I wasn't sure yet, what it was going to be,” said Edge.

Lisa Marie saw Noah’s picture on the Everything Rosey Facebook page, and even though she was based in Wisconsin, she put in an application to adopt him. She had already taken in a blind dog and had wanted to help another for a while, and she immediately fell in love with Noah’s tragic picture.

Saving K9 Lives helped Noah regain his health, and they accepted Lisa Marie’s application and sent Noah to his new forever home in Wisconsin with a wheelchair.

"He is an outstanding visual for these kids to say wow this dog is different but he's really a regular dog. Even out of his wheelchair, he walks funny but he walks. That's how I want humans to treat each other too. We still desire the same things to be wanted and accepted,” said Edge.

Noah's teaching people a valuable life lesson, that's being taught outside the books. Noah is still visiting schools and nursing homes, and he even has his own bank account where the donations will go towards helping dogs in need of medical attention and forever homes.

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