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Agra Dog Show 2009

05 Feb 2009 | by | Posted in: Events

Agra Dog Show Photos

I admire Agra Show, - Outstanding arrangement and the club has proven to be consistent in high quality Dog Shows.

I am attending this show from more than 10 years now. The best part is that the show is held in a 5 star hotel (Clark Shiraz) garden, this helps to get all basic things right. The show committee is very well experienced and this helps in smooth running of things.

There are many small small things which make Agra Dog Show so impressive:

  • Every Ring had hand wash facility for the judges
  • Every ring had permanent cleaning staff
  • The sound quality was very good
  • Announcements were made about which class was running and what were the results in each class
  • Certificates were distributed in time to the participants
  • Food arrangement was very hygienic and convenient

Coming out of the agra show spell and looking at the dog game as it evolves I found that on one had the game is getting richer with the new really good dogs coming. Breeds like rottweiler, GSD, Beagle, Labradors have got some really good dogs. The competition is high. Only thing is to look at is the sportsmanship.


Source: dogspot.in

People fear to lose in the ring, try to influence the crowd, committee and other authorities. Gangs of Goons run all over the dog show showing arms and ammunition- giving this game all together a different shape. In Agra Show this all went to the highest, we as participants should learn to behave in the dog shows and maintain the sportsmanship. 

If this continues I am not sure if it will be safe to go to Dog Show any more! Let's get together to make Dog Shows cleaner.

22nd All India All Breed Championship- Taj Kennel Club Agra
Judge: Ms.Ko.I.Shen                         Ring Steward: Mr A.R.Ananthakrishnan
Prize Ex No Breed Name of the Dog Owner
First Best in Show 303 German Sheperd Vasco Vom Wutachtal Mr.Arun Gupta
Second Best in Show 233 Rottweiler Toro Von Kalacberg Mr.Dhiraj Raj Deb
Third Best in Show 2 Maltese Th.Ind.h.Lapitthi's Tiger Tank Mr.Vetri Duraisamy
Fourth Best in Show 153 Poodle Am.Ch.Brighton GQ Mr.Vetri Duraisamy
Fifth Best in Show 107 Labrador retriver Rosy's Jonty On Road Mr.Mahipal Singh
Sixth Best in Show 64 Beagle Ind.Ch.Th.Ch.Shoreviews Puppylove Moonlight Brijesh Kumar
Seventh Best in Show 161 Boxer Ch.Silver Clouds Heart Breaker Mr.Dhanvir Singh Bhullar & Resham Singh
Eighth Best in Show 8 Pug Kamalka's Toytu Mr.kamal Naresh Sharma
Best Bred in India 107 Labrador retriver Rosy's Jonty On Road Mr.Mahipal Singh
Best Puppy of the show 13 Pug St.Hubert's J.K.Rowell Jezebel Mr.Shatrughan Dubey
Best Junior Handler in Show        
23rd All India All Breed Championship- Taj Kennel Club Agra
Judge: Mr.Philip John                      Ring Steward: Ms.Manreet Soin (Pavi)
Prize Ex No Breed Name of the Dog Owner
First Best in Show 153 Poodle Am.Ch.Brighton GQ Mr.Vetri Duraisamy
Second Best in Show 209 Greatdane Am.Can.Ind.Ch.Daynakins Oscar Odyssey Vpaquin Rajesh Katyal
Third Best in Show 2 Maltese Th.Ind.h.Lapitthi's Tiger Tank Mr.Vetri Duraisamy
Fourth Best in Show 28 German Sheperd BOB VON Der Grafenburg Mr.Dhiraj Raj Deb
Fifth Best in Show 246 Rottweiler Ch.Grewal's Turbo Power Mr.Avninder singh Grewal
Sixth Best in Show 96 Labrador retriver Ch.Wiscoy's Brick Mr. Sandeep Kochhar
Seventh Best in Show 16 Pug Th.Ch.Star Cream From The crop Mr. Sandeep Kochhar
Eighth Best in Show 64 Beagle Ind.Ch.Th.Ch.Shoreviews Puppylove Moonlight Brijesh Kumar
Best Bred in India 246 Rottweiler Ch.Grewal's Turbo Power Mr.Avninder singh Grewal
Best Puppy of the show 159 Shitzu Th.Ch.Hearty's OMG I'm In Love Mr.Vetri Duraisamy


Anil @ DoggiesDude
i totally agree with Dr Sangwan..in fact he has left nothing to be added to the topic. Nicely summed up. Lets hope things change slowly

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 10 Feb 2009

shharat sharma
I agree with Dr Dev. However, he forgets that it is the exhibitors who are trying to influence judges. Organizers may collude with such exhibitors, though these are only exceptions, but they cannot be solely blamed. So before the KCI and the organizers take steps to curb this trend, the exhibitors must do some introspection and learn to lose gracefully. Every dog cannot win and those which lose do so because the judge feels the other dog is better. If the exhibitor does not like the judgement he is free not to show under that judge again. Notwithstanding the above, I agree that the clubs must be proactive in this matter.

By: shharat sharma | 10 Feb 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Mr Sharma, The shows (not all ) have become ego issue between owners and not the dog. Yes Exhibitors are there to influence the judgement but if they are sternly negated by the Organizers then it can be sloved. Judging should be the cup of the esteemed judge only and not the stewards and some organizers in the tent. You must be aware that there are many shows in India whose Lineup is known a day before the show and the same happens at the show date. This implies that Organizers are there to be blamed also. Since all shows are done on KCI rules and regulations, but just few shows in India like Agra, GKC, Kohlapur to name few are regarded as among the best ones. This simply gives a picture that something is wrong in other shows and unless KCI takes some harsh steps things would not change. Few clubs are being run as family business and no one else is allowed to enter the organizing committee. Maybe KCI should also look into these things. I am sure KCI is aware of these. Unfortunately some judges do know about many breeds and have been seen asking for breed standards before the show starts. In such case the judges should be given a list of breeds entered in the show so that we do not see ppl running to get xerox of breed standards.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 10 Feb 2009

shharat sharma
Well! it is a debatable issue. If judges are fixed in collusion with the organizers then the organizers are to be blamed but not if the so called fixing happens without the knowledge of the show organizers. As regards breed standards, I have never seen a judge ask for a breed standard before the show and I have been showing for 30 years. Yes! foreign judges sometimes ask for breed standards of Indian breeds and these have to be supplied. Though I agree that the club must provide a list of breeds that the judge is expected to examine. I feel that KCI is already taking steps to check this disturbing trend. Lets have faith in the parent body.

By: shharat sharma | 10 Feb 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
What i am mentioned is purely on my personal experience. It would be bad on my path to name the judge and show where i was showing two of my Bordeaux and i was asked to get xerox xopy of standards so that the judge can read it and then do the judging as he was not aware of the same. IT was an bad situation for the judge as i had to explain him the layman breed standard myself and then appear in front of him for judging. I feel that the judges should be given thebreeds entered a day before so that if any rare breed is there the judge can study a bit about the same. Also the way foreign judges examine each dog is excellent. The opinion given is of immense value.Few have explained me where my dogs scored and where enhancement is possible. They explained each scoring point of dogs. I wish KCI starts the procudure of making the results open basedon the points of scoring..

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 10 Feb 2009

Dr Devender Sangwan
Respected Sharma Ji ! had there been no faith in parent body, I would have stopped showing by now seeing at times pathetic judgeing. Bycotting the show or the judges is no solution. I have shown mastiffs for about 10 yrs and about 25 of them bred/owned by me have become champions. But the point I raised like :
-Awarding CCs to dogs with only one healthy eye, with bow legs, limping gaits, ptosis, refusing to move in the ring, judges not looking at dogs at all, changing decisions at the prompting of the steward, steward asking for particular exhibitor & then deciding in his favour, judges and stewards enjoying the hospitality of certain breeders & exhibitors prior to the shows ,do raise the question mark about the ability, knowledge, integrity & vigilance of the judges. But these points do not justify the voilence, armtwisting and threating attitute of the exhibitors. But patience also has limits.
And we strive for a cleaner and healthy competition . Hope KCI & Clubs will look introspect and find some good solutions.

By: Dr Devender Sangwan | 10 Feb 2009

somnath ghosh
Have any of you guys attended the JAMSHEDPUR KENNEL CLUB dogshow? This club is far ahead as far as organising a dog show is conrerned. For the last 30yrs this club has organised dogshows where organisers involvement as exibitors was almost nil.

By: somnath ghosh | 11 Feb 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
yes i have attended it once. Faced the problem of accomodation for outstation enteries. The show is managed by Tata Management whoare real professional in this regard. Ground, security, food and water supply was excellent. Since Management does only arrangement , the judging was good . This show needs to be highlighted as people think that it is an unsafe place, but to be frank i found the highway and Jamshedpur city to be excellent. Wide straight NH road and a clean green city is great.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 11 Feb 2009

shharat sharma
Almost Nil is not good enough. As a matter of policy the Gurgaon Kennel Club members do not exhibit at the GKC shows. NOT AT ALL.

By: shharat sharma | 11 Feb 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
yes thisis true about GKC.. I am positive other clubs would too follow this trend..

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 11 Feb 2009

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