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Ahmedabad Dog Show.. INKCI.. on 17 january 2010 :: Heaven For Puppy Mills And Brokers

17 Jan 2010 | by | Posted in: Events

This is the information given by a dog lover from Ahmedabad. IT clearly shows that how Dog Shows are being used by Organisers to promote Cruel Sale of Puppies in horrible condition and the INKC also getting a cut/share in sale of each pup.

I am pasting the email and photos send to me by Mr Shah from Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad dog show..
on 17 january 2010..
there was a pet shop...
named world pet choice..he said he is paying between 100 to 500 rs for each pup sold to the INKCI organiser and they have agreed to him. infact a person of the committee was paid 300 for a lab pup sold in front of me. he refused to give his name when i asked
he kept puppies like this.. there were ppl touching the dogs.. kept in whole scorching heat.. i wonder if they provided fresh water also or not..
there were 5 puppies in just one cage... 2 small labs of just few days.. one lab of 1 and half months.. and 2 small pugs..
lots of dust everywhere.. lots of heat.. show starting from early morning to evening.. they kept the same condition..
the pet shop did all dis just to attract few customers..
is this the way dogs are meant to be kept..
we were talkin bad condition of stray dogs.. but this is the future of our pedigreed dogs..
just THINK ON for a while..
u may have also taken a puppy from pet shop and could have been kept like this ONLY...














Dr Saurabh
this happens in every dog show in whole of india.the huge crowd of people you see thronging the dog shows are not dog lovers just middlemen and traders looking for set up networking and strike a good deal.even gurgaon dog show had many people selling puppies in car parking areas.

By: Dr Saurabh | 19 Jan 2010

every one wish to be der dog the best ones..
and is this the way they are kept..
i was the witness over there and saw the poor condition... ppl goin to shop and buyin a puupy.. just get aware of all this... due to extreme conditions.. they suffer a lot.. just mere to attract few customers.. ppl attracting getting those puppies @ home.. after those puppies grow bigger give up for adoption.. stop this vicious cycle...

By: Hemil | 28 Jan 2010

what are the excuses that the organizers are giving and what about the judges ? who were there .. they did not feel that any thing was wrong , well conscience ???

By: myra | 04 Mar 2010

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