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ALC INovators

ALC INovators

ALC INovators: Long-standing commitment

ALC INovators is a U.S.-based globally reputable manufacturer of dietary supplements for dogs and cats, which is headquartered at 230 Pepes Farm Road in Milford, Connecticut. Being a licensed entity, of course, the company is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and regulated by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The seeds of this family-owned business were sown in the American dog show circuit a little over two and a half decades ago. And now it boasts a much wide customer base, catering to kitties and pooches not only in the show business but also at animal shelters.

Many, particularly pedants, may wonder what is it with the single “N” in the company name, when the word “innovate” and its derivatives have two n’s? Well, here’s the reason: The word “IN” (a registered trademark of the company, so copycats beware!) represents the last two letters of the key ingredient of all ALC supplements -- lecithin.

Also known as phosphatidylcholine¹, lecithin is an antioxidant and a rich source of certain types of fatty acids, which helps dogs absorb vitamins and other important nutrients as well as break down fats.

The key motto of ALC INovators is to ensure that its products deliver the goods. And the most prized awards that the company reckons to have earned for its various products are in the form of customer testimonials, which can be found aplenty in its official website as well as across the World Wide Web.

Speaking of the company’s products, they can be broadly categorised under three categories: IN® Supplement for dogs and cats (considered the flagship range); INhancer™ hip and joint supplements (for dogs only); and Leciderm shampoo (again, for dogs). Getting into a little more detail, the company offers a total of six products:

1) IN® Supplement for Dogs - Red Label: The first in the line of ALC INovators products, this supplement – in the shape of softish nuggets – has the goodness of lecithin, needless to say. The best bit, though, is it can easily double up as an everyday treat for any breed of dog, whatever be its age. The supplement promotes healthy skin, which is a must for a luxuriant coat. Equally importantly, it enhances the energy levels and stamina of the dog, thereby leading to improved breeding performance. Last, but certainly not least, the supplement acts as something of a shield for the dog, providing protection against dermatitis, hotspots and eczema. In short, IN® Supplement for Dogs - Red Label promotes overall wellness of the dog.

2) IN® Supplement for Dogs - New Blue Label: Owners of canines with sensitive tummies and food allergies need not despair anymore. Specially developed for such cases, this supplement provides all the benefits that its Red Label counterpart offers. Only the ingredients have been changed: Wheat, soy and corn have made way for rice bran, oatmeal, carrots, beets, parsley, watercress, spinach and flax seed.

3) INhancer™ Hip and Joint Supplements for Dogs - Green Label: This one is both high-octane and elderly canines, which need that little bit extra for their joints in order to see them through the day. Chock-full with the best quality glucosamine HCL and chondroitin (God bless those sharks!), this supplement helps rebuild cartilage and retain the elasticity of joints in athletic dogs. It also reduces joint pain in arthritic senior canines as well as those with hip dysplasia. Just like IN® Supplement for dogs, INhancer™ Hip and Joint Supplements for Dogs - Green Label comes in the form of tasty and soft nuggets that might as well be used as treats.

4) INhancer™ Hip & Joint Supplements for Dogs - Blue Label: Right guess! This supplement is to help allergy-prone dogs with weak digestive systems healthy to the bone. Literally.

5) IN® Supplement for Cats - Just so cat lovers do not cry foul, this supplement has been formulated for the sake of the overall health of all kinds of domestic felines. In form and function, it is pretty much like the IN® Supplement for Dogs.

6) Leciderm shampoo - This one is meant to rinse away all canine woes stemming from flea bite dermatitis, itching, seasonal eczema, and dandruff. The five key ingredients of the shampoo – lecithin (for deep cleansing), aloevera (reducing irritation and inflammation), Vitamin E (antioxidant), Australian Tea Tree Oil (antiseptic) and Jojoba Oil (dissolving grease and conditioning) – pack quite a punch to ensure that the affected dog no longer leads a dog’s life, figuratively speaking.

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ALC INovators has been constantly endeavouring to widen its product portfolio while further improving the quality of its existing line-up. This effort reflects in the increasing presence of the company in markets across the globe – and of course, in the happy faces of pet owners and their pets.


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