Alicia Souza: Education is key to Pet Adoption

20 May 2013 | by | Posted in: Adoption

All creatures have the right to live with dignity and respect, so why should the stray animals be devoid of their right. Just because they don’t come with a pedigree certificate does not mean that the adulation and loyalty that they would shower will be in any way less than those purebred dogs.

“Heaven goes by favour. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.”  - Mark Twain

It is time that you cash on some merit by doing one of the noblest things – pet adoption. It is time that you got a new member into your family not because of its fancy breed or its luscious coat, but because of its alluring eyes and its simplicity. One small step can set the tail wagging, and I am sure you know the delight you get to see the tail dancing and wagging in joy.

Pet Lover

We got in touch with Alicia, who most of us know from her quirky facebook posts is a freelance illustrative designer by profession and a great person at heart with a zany sense of humor that makes her even more adorable.

Meet Alicia Souza and her beloved pets in their picture perfect fairy tale world.

Tell us the story of how you adopted your pet and from where.

“Charles-Brown, my first monkey was adopted off the streets. He wandered into an area where there was a strong pack of dogs, so my partner picked him up before he was threatened. Lola-Bear was an unwanted Lab puppy. I had never thought that I was going to keep her. Even after repeated efforts I couldn’t find a home for her, as a result she and Charlie bonded to unbelievable lengths; and that’s when I knew I couldn't let her go.”

According to you, should people prefer adoption or buying pets? Why?

This debate of adoption v/s buying is never ending. There are some who adhere to the noble cause of adoption but there are still some who believe in flaunting designer dogs and pedigree breeds just for the sake of it. You want to be an addition in the rat race or want to carve your own path, it is upon you to decide, so think and think wisely.

According to Alicia, “people's first option should always be adoption because there are numerous beautiful, perfect furries waiting to be adopted and getting unlimited bounds of love, affection and care”

Do you feel there is any difference in adopting a pet and buying a new born pup? In terms of behaviour and its care?

A mother’s love cannot be replaced by anything else. I am sure we all agree to this. But have you even thought that how would a mother feel when her teeny – weeny one is taken away from her. Getting a puppy is a matter of happiness for most of us, but think of that mom who has parted with her children. Just because she cannot speak her heart out dos not permit us to carry on this ruthless business.

Make sure whenever you get a puppy, it is at least 6 – 8 weeks old. This period is crucial for the baby and the new mother.

“A new-born pup is an absolute NO-NO when it comes to buying as they need to spend at least 8 weeks with their mother before they can be weaned off. A mother also needs her babies initially. I've not had a new born pup so I'm unsure about their behaviour and care, but a lot of vital learning is taught by the mom when they are rather young” said Alicia.

Pet Adoption Share some tips for people who are looking forward to adopt a pet/stray.

“If it's your first time adopting a dog, read about what to expect in terms of discipline, training and needs. The internet is a beautiful source with mounds of information but nothing like talking to a dog owner and your vet as well. And of course, be ready to have a new best friend” she said with a twinkle in her eyes. ( How to train a Dog )

What do you feel should be done to encourage people to adopt pets?

Street dogs are ferocious. They are infested with a host of parasites. Stay away from them. Don’t feed them otherwise they’ll come near you. Sound similar, right?

But for once take a closer look at those brave hearts who survive the big bad world all by themselves. They deserve love and affection. And what you would get in return is immense satisfaction and of course beshumaar pyaar.

“People are blindfolded with newspapers that tell them that street dogs are harmful, hence, education is the only way that can help” said Alicia.

Lastly, share some interesting things about your pet and the relation you share with him/her.

“The relation that I share with my pets is like an ever-pouring fountain of affection with floppy ears and puppy eyes. It makes you believe that these are angels amongst us with waggy tails.”

Hey surely have the ability to melt our hearts like ice cream. You won’t know the amount of happiness it gives until you do it for yourself. For starters you can start by feeding the dogs of your locality, giving them clean water and yes, the most important spend some time with them. Your little efforts would surely go a long way and you can guess that by the wag of the tail and the happiness in their eyes. Be it Tilli or Rambo, they are all cuddly, they are all extremely lovable, you just need to feel that magic. 


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