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Amen for sending these Angels

22 Apr 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

What is with cute puppies and their antics? This is one gesture that can turn the hearts of even those people who are not fond of dogs. After all who can say no to the adorable bambi eyes of puppies? So, what happens when we combine the unbelievable feats and puppies together? The result is gasps from the viewers and everyone getting awestruck by the video. I can assure you that you would also be smiling once you see this.

We always try to start and inculcate training to our pets since the day they enter our home. There are some that learn and pick up fast and then there are others that refuse to learn from lesser mortals like you and me. On the contrary they ensure that we are trained well by them to ensure that there life gets all the luxuries possible.

Source: thepoodleanddogblog.typepad.com

Have you ever seen how are little puppy stands near the door and urges you to go for a walk. Better still there are some who will bring their collar and leash to you for a walk. You think this is a trained dog? Wait till you see these little puppies and till the lengths these two will go for a meal. No one can have the heart to say no to these two.


These kind of videos (the above is just one of the few) have been garnering a lot of views and likes for a some time now and why not what you get to see here many of us who would have not been able to get our children to do this even after our repeated efforts also.

The videos show a man asking his puppies to say their daily prayer before they get their food. The man calls out for the two puppies and then places two bowls of food in front of them. The most well behaved puppies that I have seen for some time now do not touch the food but patiently wait. What happens next will amaze you.

He asks the puppies to say their prayer and both these amazing bundle of joy stand on their hind legs in a bowing position to thank God for their meal. The man gently recites the prayer and it is only after the word Amen is recited that you see both the puppies getting down to have their food. Surprised? It amazes me also every time I see the video; my parents could not inculcate this habit into us even after repeated efforts. Guess these two pooches are naturally blessed to be geniuses or their pet parents delight.

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