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showroom no. 1/6, near sigma institute, rajvansh circlejai narayan vyas colonybikaner, Rajasthan, INDIA - - 334001
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"Love the pets " Dr gaur's pet planet is the newest member in the family of pet industry and with a very short span has managed to leave its mark on the industry The reason that our clints are growing multifold day by day is that we belive in selling pets we belive in sharing companionship,love,care. Our organization includes. Breeders Dog lovers Doctors Ngo Charity workers When dr bhanu gaur came up with the idea of pet planet the aim was very clear that the organization will work in all the corners as far as an pet organzation is compared .. With the set up of the pet planet the number of pedigree dogs in the city has reached to a woping 4000 from 500 in 2010 The organization also involve's itself in activities Like free pet care camps Various camps in the villages for the farmers and cattels The main aim of setting up the website is to join as many ppl as we can in order ro make this planet a better place .. Coz our pets deserve our love and care ..
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Pankaj Sharma
1053 days ago
very good
i want to adopt a puppy which bread you have
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