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I am Manoo - a freelance photographer who relishes capturing moments, emotions and beauty in every little thing that surrounds me. My favorite style of taking pictures is "photo-journalistic". I dont like to stop the action while its happening to capture it. I make myself a part of it, flow with it and then everything becomes sort of easy & most of the times I am able to get what I really want. I enjoy clicking pets, people, nature and events the most. Why pet photography is my most favorite...because pets are beautiful & its fun photographing them. Its very easy for me - both as a human & a photographer - to connect with them as there is just one thing required to do so - that is pure LOVE and I love pets with the depths of my heart as I love my own child. And they love you more than they love themselves. They express the real feelings of their hearts & they are the best friends. I have a 14-year old female dog who has been my inspiration ever since she came to my life and changed me for good forever, she made me better person, more compassionate, more giving & caring & loving. Please feel free to get in touch with me for any queries regarding my pet photography services at
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