DogSpot Fused Jute Knotted Cross Toy

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DogSpot Fused Jute Knotted Cross Toy


DogSpot fused Jute toys are made up of eco-friendly material using a fused layered design. Jute toys are gentle on your dog teeth’s and gums. Jute's natural texture cleans teeth and massage gums during play. These toys are made up of a strong and natural material that are perfect for tough plays such as tug of war, fetch and catch. Jute's textures excites the dog to chew. Jute toys are soft but durable. Your pet will enjoy for a long time. Fused Jute toys are flexible and soft and give you pooches some good resistance for their chewing pleasure. Double stitched seams with heavy duty cotton thread resist regular wear and tear and add extra durability.



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