DogSpot Mini Flyer Dog Toy

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DogSpot Mini Flyer Dog Toy

Isn’t playing fetch with your pet one of the most fun and interactive times that you share with him? Prepare to up the fun quotient with the DogSpot Mini Flyer Dog Toy.

The DogSpot Mini Flyer is a chew toy for dogs in the shape of a flying disc. Made from durable, non-toxic, synthetic rubber, the Mini Flyer makes for an enjoyable plaything that can be both chewed and used while playing fetch. The material of the toy is such that it is gentle on your pet’s gums, massaging them as he chews. The aerodynamic shape of the toy allows for a smooth flight, where it literally glides through the air, making it all the more fun while your pet tries to grab a hold of it mid-flight. For you as a pet owner too, the toy is both easy to grip and throw, giving you maximum comfort.
The DogSpot Mini Flyer is a superlative chew toy that combines both fun and functionality and is perfect for small breeds of dogs. Get ready for loads of amusement and frolicking with your pet with the DogSpot Mini Flyer. 




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