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An Ode to Snowy.. Who was Loved Till She Lived & Will Be Loved Forever (Tear Jerking)

18 Apr 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Such is the love of pets! They fill our lives with laughter and love as they stay by our side. But even after they go, they leave their imprint and memories in our lives which stays unadulterated for an eternity!

And such was the love of Snowy for Sheldon and his family.

Thanks for sharing this Sheldon. This made us cry but struck many chords of our hearts.

We wish that Snowy is happy wherever she is!


A month and 30 days was her very young age, 

At which we got her out of the sellers mean cage.

We lifted her up to make her our own anew, 

White was her fur, shinning like dew.


An hour of travel and she was home, 

A member grew more in our beloved home. 

She whined her way to get out of the big dark box,

Out she came like a cute white fox.


Mom was terrified by her very first sight, 

But she was just a lil pomeranian, harmless by might. 

So as the night drew by and the clocked ticked away,

It was the first day she slept a free way.


Morning came, it was a new day, 

Up she woke all wanting to play. 

She wandered the rooms, as minutes passed by, 

Sniffing all around, and an hour just passed by.


Time for her meal and she wanted her share, 

She had her cerelacs and slept like a bear. 

Came the night and it was an end to her very first day, 

God has made such beautiful souls in his very own way.


Years passed by, she had grown big, 

Gone were the days of cerelac with milk. 

Never went a day without her presence, 

She barked, she played without any nuisance.


She waited everyday for me to come home, 

To take her down for a quick lil roam.

A day of ours is a week in their lives, 

Months are years in their very short life.


The love they bestow, and our sorrow they share, 

Is truly immeasurable in numerous numerous ways.


Twelve was her age as years passed by,

Too good a soul, to ever live by.


One fine day she showed signs of illness, 

Her eyes had become small, I guess she had some sickness. 

The doctor was called, and medicines were on, 

Still she grew weaker and weaker all along.


Not a single bark as the week passed by,

I was broken down to a lil lil guy. 

She had no food nor drank her milk, 

She just lived on water and slept so still.


November the 11th, and the day was about to dawn,

She whined, woke us up to her three lil shouts. 

We got up in a start and I sat by her side,

Who knew that this would be her last ever sight.


Off she slept after an hour or two, 

Peacefully under the bed, apart from us few. 

Later I woke as the sun rose high, 

Only to find out.. that she had passed by...


That moment was hard, that day was hell, 

Seems like we were left alone in a deep dark well.

The years we spent together, with none of hate, 

Will never find a being, this pure, this great.


Now her ball lies unmoved, 

The fur seems to disappear. 

Left are her memories, 

That's all we have to cheer.


Still heavy are our hearts, 

two months have passed by, 

Snowy was her name, she was the apple of my eye.


- By Sheldon Boadita (Jan 12th, 2015)

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