How to approach a stray dog?

03 Apr 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

We all just love animals. We have dogs, cats, hamsters etc at our homes and we enjoy watching street dogs play amongst themselves. Few weeks back, I spotted four little pups, about a month old, sleeping on the highest section of a famous park nearby. I decided to pet them. My friend who is a nice person warned me, she was scared that the mother might end up hurting me. This is not totally rejectable. Respect their maternal instinct but also you must know some basic pointers about stray dogs. Unlike your domestic dogs, stray dogs are highly territorial and insecure. They see any unwanted foreign body as a threat and you can't blame them for that. All of us want 'imported dog breeds', so we do not value for these equally wonderful ones. A stray dog is always dangerous. This is the most common perception that all of us live with.


So I am going to give you few tips on dealing with stray dogs and new dog mom's. You don't need to take any special steps to appraoch pups around their mother. It is the maternal instinct that they try to protect their babies. So once you are okay with the mom! She'll give you the green signal herself!

1. Always try and get the dog's attention first.Usually, making a soft clicking noise with your tongue, or by talking to it quietly will be effective. It is imperative that you do not startle the creature.

2. Do whatever you can to appear as small as possible and hopefully less intimidating, if you can walk up to it with your shoulder facing it, but remember to stay attentive. Do not get down on your hands and knees, it will make it harder for you to get away if the animal decides to attack.

3. Always let the dog come closer to you. Do not scare him by running behind him. Call to it in a soothing voice. Put out your hand, gently pat the ground, and you can also toss the animal food, throw the food to the side and not directly at the animal.

4. Do not stare into his eyes for long. Look to one side of the dog rather than staring it down. Dogs consider this to be a sign of domination. They interpret it as a kind of challenge and it can cause the dog to think you want to fight

5. Observe the body language. If the dog is alert and his tail is straightened, try changing your direction while moving towards him. Do not make him feel that you are getting into his space.

6. If the dog snarls. Stay calm and back away.

7. Remain motionless as he sniffs you.

8. Always carry atleast two biscuits while you are out so that you can drop them when you spot your furry friend.


People are often discouraged to approach a strange animal, as there could be a rabies risk. However, it is likely that you will find that rabies is all but non-existent in your region. If you want a new furry friend, don't be afraid to befriend a stray. Just be SURE to take it slow, and when you have decided to keep your new friend, get them seen by a Vet asap.

A step towards kindness may change a life around 100s of stray pups. For you it might be one, but for that one it is the only one that he would have. So go around, pet those pups and dogs. I hope you imprint on one of them like the love at first sight.


sonali paul
very well written. genuine words from a real animal lover. :)

By: sonali paul | 11 Apr 2014

Great - Informative .

By: Pravin | 14 Apr 2014

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