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If you have an aquarium in your house you have to ensure that the water is pure, natural, and clear so that your fishes have a clean environment to live in. Just like you need pure air, fishes need pure water because that is their environment. Just like you’d suffocate if were forced to breathe unhealthy air and may be eventually die, fishes will also suffocate and die if the water is not clean. Hence you should pay utmost attention and buy good filter media for the aquarium.

There are many kinds of filter media based on the size of aquarium you have. Among all the accessories available for fishes, this is the most important. Please ensure that you buy the right one from the right brand so that you buy the right media for the filters and all the debris are removed.

Here are some of the best brands and the products they sell:

Fluval : Fluval sells various filter media such as Fluval Peat Granules, Fluval Peat Fiber, Fluval Lab Series Opti-Carb, and Fluval SPEC BIOMAX. The peat granules are ideal for use only in freshwater. They are highly acidic. These granules soften the water in the aquarium for fishes that like soft acidic water. Make sure you find out whether your fish prefer these granules. The peat fiber promotes the growth of plants, improves the quality of water, and reduces the pH level. The lab series product can be used in both freshwater and salt water. It is especially ideal for reef aquariums. The last product, the SPEC BIOMAX, promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria. It should be changed once in six to eight months.

Boyu : Boyu is a popular brand that sells the Boyu Bio Ceramic System. This system has pores that ensure proper aeration and proper oxygen supply.

Aleas : Aleas Super Activated Carbon for Filtration is the product sold by Aleas. It is available in C-150 and C-1000. This product ensures the killing of all types of harmful bacteria in the aquarium so that the fishes breathe fresh air and live in a clean environment.

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