Are you setting up a Terrarium?

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Having a reptile as a pet requires as much care and love as any other pet. Whether you are a pet parent to a  Turtle, a Bearded Dragon, A Iguana or a Tortoise, it is imperative that they have a safe place to stay. 


Definition of a Terrarium

First developed by Botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward in 1942, Terrariums are closed glass containers or scapes where reptiles can reside and stay. If you have a reptile as a pet you will require to set up the terrarium properly to avoid any health problems in your pets.

Here are 6 things that you must remember

Optimum space 

You can choose from different shapes of terrariums. If you have land dwelling reptiles such as snakes or bearded dragons you will require a terrarium which is long so that they have ample amount of space to roam about. When ourchasing a terrarium, keep in mind the adult size of the pet.


Reptiles require both heat bulb and ultra violet light. Reptiles which are active during the day require Ultra Violet bulb light to produce Vitamin D and absorb calcium. Reptiles who are active during the night do not require much Ultra Violet light.


Some reptiles require both heating and lighting. Having the right heat lamp is vital for the health of the reptiles.

Temperature gauge

If you use a heat tape or a heat pad it is important to regulate the temperature with the help of a thermostat or a rheostat. This will help keep the pet safe from any accidental burns.

It will be ideal to keep two thermometers in the terrarium to maintain the temperature of the pet and their heat requirements. Connect with your veterinarian to understand the correct temperature for your pets.

Foggers and Misters

Foggers and misters help maintain proper humidity in tropical terrariums.

The correct bedding

Tropical terrarium substrates / bedding includes reptile bark, reptile soil, coconut husk and moss. Desert terrarium substrates include specially formulated sands and reptile carpet.

Appropriate hiding places

Many reptiles, such as snakes and lizards, need hiding places to escape and release stress. Some decor can be sprayed with water to help humidify the terrarium

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