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Attention all animals lover this is awareness for all animals lovers

19 Apr 2009 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Attention all the animals lovers india is the only country in world who provide mercy and care of the animals in its constitution but some people breaks these rules and the biggest proof is here people are venting out their anger by killing all the innocent stray dogs the administration turns blind eye to this while people take law in their hands people are enjoying the act of killing dogs as an entertainment for they as no law and order is respected in meerut any more please go through with this link https://meerut-incident.synthasite.com/ i hope indian animal department people will also look at this and create awareness among all the animals lover


Puneet Sharma
I spoke to the PFA head office in Delhi, they told me that they are already aware of the situation and ae trying to handle it but are getting no cooperation from the municipal commissioner there.... This is really SAD....


By: Puneet Sharma | 20 Apr 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
It means tit for tat... Murder for murder...will be another Taliban style place. Well i know that no one will raise voice enough so that such incident never repeats itself, it was just for the info what we all so called dog lovers can do... ( i mean shouts n yells on bytes only). whereas when it comes to practical grounds, nearly all shy away.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 21 Apr 2009

I checked the website . Looking at the picture of the men you feel that while killing those poor animals they had expression of menace and I even doubt if any body was even thinking about the kid / people who were killed . They seems to be in a frenzy . There expressions said that the killed humans were long forgotten lets have fun with this . They were getting off - frustrated idiots !!

By: DoggieDawg | 22 Apr 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
The person organizing the protest and legal action is advocate Anjali Sharma of Citizens For Animal Rights, Delhi. You can write to her at anjalisharma2@gmail.com for information and updates.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 23 Apr 2009

I was reading this play by Sri Vijay Tendulkar, where he writes that " .....there are three kinds of truth- conventional truth, diplomatic truth and the real truth"

By: abhay | 23 Apr 2009

Mehran Shah
Its really sad to see these speechless and helpless animals being torn into peices brutally while their murderers are enjoying the act. one can see the sparkle of joy and power in their eyes, but what they dont understand or realize is it doesnt take power or strenght to kill them, but all it takes is disgust and lack of respect for life.... This is really sad and i am sure that God will surely punish them for this act of cowardice...

By: Mehran Shah | 24 Apr 2009

thanx a ton all you guys [dog lovers ]
who are responding to this blog for awreness i am getting response not only from india but also from australia uk mexico and brazil to.....
i think this is gud news for all of us

By: MAVI KENNEL | 24 Apr 2009

Dinkar Singh
All you guys, please see todays Recent Dogs section. There are horrific pictures of Pit Bulls Fighting and a broker i guess called Dhawan is using it to sell pit bull terriers. He should be banned from this wonderful website. I have written to the website, and would request all dog lovers to also follow up.

By: Dinkar Singh | 26 Apr 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Horrible... Admin should remove such photos asap and restrict such acts in future

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 26 Apr 2009

Dinkar Singh
Unfortunately the admin is out of office till 29th so I guess till then they will stay there and people who want to show they are macho will buy these pups and train them to be ferocious, which will be lethal and they too will not realise it till it is too late.

By: Dinkar Singh | 26 Apr 2009

“Yeah…. These cheap small town meerut people, so cruel, barbaric, rustic………..killing dogs. Should hve dne sme counseling for dogs else shd have made the dogs consult the psychiatrist. These small town people………..”
Actually there are always three sides to any coin, ever seen the third side, even I haven’t, but lets try. Tigers for instance, royal, majestic, endangered species but when become man eaters even they are being killed. The problem with animal or dog lovers is tht they think that love animals no matter wht, love animals at the cost of humans. Not a right thing.
The dogs not only killed the kids but also ate parts of their body. 5-6 such incidents.
For a sec, think abt the parent whose child was killed, a neighbor who every day saw a kid playing infront of his house and one day dogs killed and ate sme parts of the child’s body.
Shd have waited for another incident to happen, another child being killed and eaten?
I wept when “jaan-nisar” & “laila” my dogs died, but isn’t tht a dog is a dog. No doubt with every passing day tht dog becomes our family. But isn’t tht a dog is a dog. Dogs are perfect example of unconditional and selfless love. We all see it every day how they try to come out of their skins brimming so much with love. But a dog is a dog.
As I said earlier, the issue is a lot more complex, the killing of dogs in meerut. in a country like India, lets not be talking of human rights for dogs. And sme one wrote tht shd’nt have killed the dogs……then shd have taken them to the courts? Getting to hear from people across the world on this issue, non sense…
Slum dog millionaire gets Oscars coz it portrays India’s poverty. Don’t we see foreigner’s takings hundreds of pics of beggars in mathura and vrindavan. The west loves it.
I luv dogs, u luv dogs, we all luv dogs. This love is no love at all. Loving a dog is when a richshaw wallah shares his bread with a dog.
Didn’t wanted to turn this blog into another “English mastiff for adoption” type, but still. I am a resident of meerut since last one year, I do not belong to meerut, do not identify with the culture of meerut, but ----‘meerut main insaan hee baste hain…..’
Killing dogs was wrong to sme extent but in the name of blogging.. wht ever most of the guys wrote was no good, it hurts………..

By: abhay | 26 Apr 2009

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