Avnika The Superwoman For 38 Stray Dogs

17 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Superman saves people from catastrophes but this superwoman saves tiny mute stray animals from a wretched life. Meet Avnika, a girl from a small city of Haryana. Avnika is currently a mum to 38 stray pups. She feeds them on a daily basis with help from her mother. She makes sure that the strays are well groomed, fed and vaccinated.

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She says that the love for dogs comes from her mother who is also an animal lover. She says that the family makes sure that all the dogs in the vicinity are well cared for by providing them with food, annual vaccinations and lots of play, frolic and love.

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It all started years ago for her when she first brought home a tiny stray which they named ‘Chikki’. The love has only grown over the years and now three dogs call their residence 'Home' with scores of dogs returning to the nearby park every day for food and play. She takes care of all the dogs like they are her own babies and she helps find them good homes when they are past the weaning stage. She also rescues dogs being mistreated by their humans, much to the dismay of those humans!

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She even built a shelter for a dozen pups in the park during the monsoon. She says that all life needs the necessities for survival, before thinking about affording luxuries for ourselves we need to look back and see how we can contribute in providing these necessities to these helpless animals.

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On being queried about the probability of these dogs carrying Rabies; she smiles and says that all the dogs are injected with the 'Anti-rabies' injection otherwise, she says, she would have transformed into a dog herself by now and she ain't a fan of Werewolves, she adds with laughter.

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Her heart breaks when she sees dead bodies of dogs on the road, mercilessly crushed by reckless traffic and mindless driving. But she makes sure that the dogs that pass onto a better world are buried so that no wildling may disturb their final place of rest.

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All this does come with its own set of problems. She is often blamed for the increasing population of the strays in the area even though she happens to be the one who gets the dogs in the area spayed or neutered.


Her current goal is to get all the female stray dogs in the vicinity neutered so that their population is controlled and the physical toll that pregnancy puts on these dogs every year is also stopped for good.

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Our only message to her is that may she succeed and keep going, Avnika ‘The Superwoman’.

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