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The name says it all for the company; Ayurvet is a one of its kind company that produces ayurvedic medicines for your pets. This is what many call ‘the science of life’.  Ayurvet believes in the basic principle of maintaining health for all living beings and ensuring equilibrium to themself.

These medicines are completely natural and safe for all your pets. It is non-toxic and is extremely beneficial for consumers. Along with being safe and natural it is good for the environment as well. It provides sustainability to the environment and ensures holistic health care for animals.

Ayurvet is an ISO-9001:2000 certified company and also has certification in WHO-GMP and EU-GMP, which aims to promote better health care among animals and also strives for their betterment. This objective of the organization has helped them to entwine the traditional knowledge of Ayurveda with modern techniques and ensure a complete and safe product for the environment. In addition to this it ensures that all the health and nutritional needs of the pets are met efficiently.

Ayurvet has a strong R&D department that help to select the appropriate ingredients in their formulation. This also helps in the development of various unique products and assists to resolve all kind of animal health issues efficiently.

This new branch of Ayurveda is not only applied to development of products but there are vigorous tests carried on it too; to ensure that it is a safe formulation for your pet. The company performs tests on every formulated product and it under goes strict quality control check to ensure quality. Prior to the formulation of the product, each of the ingredients is very carefully selected and after going through a scientific processes; every herb is evaluated in its efficiency towards the product.

In addition to this each of the herb ‘s toxicology and pharmacology profiles are documented before they are included in any of the formulations for products. The research laboratories for Ayurvet are equipped with state of art facilities that are required for carrying out research. The R&D team for the organization is made up of scientists from diverse backgrounds and are hand-picked from their specialised teams.

Ayurvet not only uses the medicinal value into every programming but their R&D facility also aims at the preservation of medicinal plants and aims to retain and maintain the quality of the natural plants. In order to facilitate the preservation process, they have started self and contract farming of all medicinal herbs and have started innovative techniques such as tissue culture.

There have been various innovative products in the repertoire and some of the exceptional products that have been developed by the Ayurvet Labrotatories include Mastilep, which helps to treat sub clinical Mastitis and Stresroak that helps to deal with immune suppression in poultry and a plethora of various innovative products.

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The regular testing of products has resulted in the publication of more than 210 research publications in major product genres for various national and international journals. At the moment there are 75 thesis present with the organization. There are various products under the brand, which helps to cater to various animal requirements.  There is an exclusive range of products for cattle, poultry, pigs, Equines, aqua and other companion animals.


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AYURVET Charmil Skin Spray For Dog - 100 ml
Rs. 130
AYURVET Livjivan Liver Tonic Drops For Dog - 30 ml
Rs. 60
AYURVET Newcharm Skin Gel For Dog - 25 gm
Rs. 60
AYURVET Zerokeet Ectoparasite Control For Dog - 100 ml
Rs. 120
AYURVET Caloz Supplement For Dog - 300 gm
Rs. 150
AYURVET Charmaid Aid For Skin Affections For Dog - 30 Capsules
Rs. 61
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