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A dog of any breed will require grooming to look and feel his best. What your dog feels impacts his physical and mental health.  If your dog is not groomed properly, he may show some unwanted behaviors like extreme barking. Remember a clean dog is a healthy and happy dog!

Importance of grooming

Grooming keeps your dog in a healthy state. Regular grooming is your dog's essential need.  Just like you, your dog also needs to look and feel his best. Giving your dog a good bath will prevent germs and dirt he carried from outside.

Trimming nails of your dog will control bacteria or dirt accumulating in them. Trimmed nails also prevent scratches when your dog jumps over you out of excitement. It also keeps your furniture safe from scratching.

If you have not cleaned your dog properly, it may induce itching due to fleas or excessive drying due to ordinary bath products. Bathe your dog with a good dog shampoo which makes a rich lather and cleans germs and dirt away.

Brushing your dog keeps his coat shiny and clean. If you have long-haired pooch, you must trim or cut his hair to keep him neat and clean. Cutting hair around his eyes will give him a better view.

Good health boosts energy. Like humans, dogs also require to be cleaned to boost their senses. Proper grooming is just like rejuvenating your dog’s energy levels.

There is no doubt that a well-groomed dog is much easier to love.  As a responsible dog-owner, you will not want your pooch to be dirty and unhappy.  A clean dog is appreciated by others also.

Grooming your dog may take few minutes to an hour session depending upon his breed and type of coat.

In this article you will find everything which can make your dog’s as well as your own pet grooming experience easier. It will cover the equipments which you will require for your dog’s grooming session. Before you start the grooming session of your dog, gather all the necessary grooming equipments you need.

Brushes and combs: Many dog-owners use wide-toothed combs initially and change to a fine toothed or narrow comb. This technique is good if your dog has really long hair. However, if your dog has medium length hair, you can use a medium toothed or fine comb rather than a slicker brush.

Slicker brushes: Slicker brushes help to remove dead hair and stimulate skin of your pet. These types of brushes help in promoting healthy blood circulation. Fine toothed brushes are helpful in removing flea from your pet’s hair.

Soft-bristle brushes: If your dog has smooth coat, like great den, you should use soft bristle brush. These are meant to clean hair without harming his delicate skin.

Shedding tool: You may have seen that during shedding season, dogs shed their hair abundantly. Shedding tool has blunt teeth like blades and is shaped like a loop. It pulls out the soft undercoat of your pet quickly. This is a must buy for heavy shedders like Labrador retriever.

Rake or long comb: If your dog is long-haired with thick coat, you will need a long comb or rake.

Scissors and clippers:  Some dog breeds are blessed with snarly hair which needs to be occasionally trimmed. Breeds with double coat do not require trimming as it protects them from cold during winters and keeps them cool during summers. A typical scissor for pet measures somewhere around 8 inches. It is different than normal hair dressing scissor. Clippers are used to remove hair from dog’s sensitive areas. Electric clippers with detachable blades are useful in cutting heavy hair.  Battery operated clipper is another hassle free invention in pet grooming.

De-matting tool: De-matting tools are required to control stubborn matting of your pet’s hair. If your dog has very dense or unmanageable hair you may need a de-matting tool. De-matting brushes are designed to break the dense coat into manageable portions which can then be combed with a standard brush or comb.

Nail cutters and clippers: This is again one of the essential dog grooming equipments used by owners.  Keeping your dog’s nail trimmed will not only maintain their overall health but also abrasions by scratching. Regular nail trimming will prevent accumulation of dirt in the nails. Long nails may also cause pain in your pet’s joints due to his inability to support his own weight.

Shampoos and conditioners: Shampoos and conditioners are the common grooming items needed by every dog owner. As an owner, it is recommended for you to use shampoos and conditioners which are designed only for dogs. 

Bath tubs and water blowers: Bath tubs are commonly found in advanced pet grooming centers. These are made of stainless steel. Water blowers are again an important tool in dog grooming. These come with varied sizes of nozzles. Water blowers are useful for bathing the dogs as these can fixed outside the house without creating extra mess inside.

Eye and ear supplies: Dog owners who want to groom their pets also require ear and eye cleaning supplies. Several eye and ear cleaning kits are available in market and are designed for this particular use. However, one should be really careful in handling these supplies and should not use any other product which is not designed for pet usage.

Dental Care: Dogs develop tarter and dirt around their teeth which is not good for their dental health. Cleaning dog’s teeth is a difficult thing to do, but it is one of the important steps in his grooming. Dental kits available in market include toothbrushes and toothpastes specially designed for dogs. These toothpastes are usually sugar-free, lather-free and require no rinsing.

Finishing touches can be done with perfume sprays and many other pet accessories like ribbons, bandanas etc

Flea-control products: Products for flea control also form a part of your dog’s grooming supplies. There are various types of flea control products which can be used while you are grooming your dog.

Grooming tables: Grooming tables make the whole session of dog grooming easier and more comfortable. These are used by professional dog groomers or by owners who own show dogs. It can be avoided by single dog owners as it is slightly expensive.

Brands: There are various brands which specialize in selling dog grooming equipments. You can choose different grooming tools and products according to the individual needs of your dog. Here are some of the brands and their products:

AndisClipper blades, Hair clippers, Clipper blade oil.

Karlie- Nail cutter and toothbrushes 

ScoobieHair dryer, pet grooming kit, nail clipper, scissors

FURminatorPet hair grooming equipments

Hello-petCombs, de-matting tools, slicker brushes, shedding tools, rake blades,

All4pets- Nail clippers

Le Salon – Nail cutters

Wahl – Razor blades, clippers for dogs

In order to keep your pet’s hair and body look good, you must invest in some essential dog grooming tools. Every dog needs to be properly groomed. Grooming is an essential part of maintaining your dog’s overall health-just as his vaccinations, right diet and de-worming. However different dog breeds have different grooming requirements. Regular grooming activities like brushing enhance the relationship between the owner and his pet. Finally a nicely groomed dog is a happy and a handsome dog! 

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