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Beagle Freedom Project [Video]

02 Jun 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag News

How many times have animal rights activists voiced their concerns over laboratories housing tons of animals in cages for their entire life with the intent of testing new products like cosmetics and pharmaceuticals on them. Very recently such testing on dogs was banned in India but how many giant corporations abide by these rules is the question. Read More on Beagle Dog Breed Info

Let us now watch this heart-warming, tear-drawing video of 9 beagles that were rescued from a lab in Nevada. Beagle Freedom Project is an initiative set up towards the freedom of a plethora of Beagles that are used for testing in many labs across the world.



The eternal question that lies here is why Beagles in particular out of all the breeds available. It has been established that this is due to friendly, trusting and people-pleasing personalities. Some officials even state that they adapt well to cages and do not resist even spending their entire lives in such facilities.

There are rumors that certain breeders exist who breed Beagles specifically for lab testing purposes. The ethics of such practices have a large question-mark looming over their head like a cloud of despair. Let us hope that these poor voiceless animals get justice once and for all by such heaven-such activists, who are a bit more proactive than us ‘social media activists’.


Please share with us any information of such labs in India who are still capturing animals for testing.

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