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Beaphar is a force to reckon with especially when it comes to the development and marketing of health care products and pharmaceuticals for pets. Founded in 1943 by Bernard Aa in the Dutch town of Raalte, Beaphar is a family owned business and has made its mark in the pet industry by offering premium yet affordable and easily reachable products that aid in improving and protecting the overall health of pets all over the world.
With a leadership that spans more than 70 years, Beaphar has developed a wide repertoire of products under various heads. Every product developed and manufactured under the Beaphar umbrella is quality checked to ensure that pet parents and pets across the world receive products that promote the overall well being of the pets.
At present, Beaphar has over 800 products that have been formulated by experts to meet end to end needs of your pet. Beaphar not only has multivitamin and other health supplements but also a wide variety of products for pet grooming. The brand also has a wide range of skin care and dental health that will ensure optimum health care for your pets.

The company has a wide range of products for fish (aquarium and pond), cats, dogs, reptiles, birds and other small animals.

·      Fish:

(a)Tropical Food Mix1:Made from a blend of tropical fish flake and natural freeze dried blood-worm and has a volume of 28 gm(grams). It contains a high protein/low waste formula and natural seaweed extract which keeps fish healthy and active.

(b)White Spot Control1: Aquarium fish medicine which treats fish with external parasites including White Spot Costia and Trichodina and has a volume of 50 ml (milli-litres).

(c)pH Minus1: Aquarium water pH adjuster which naturally lowers the pH of water. It stabilises skin and gill function in fish and counteracts dark colouration in Discus. Volume of 100 ml.


(a)Eye & Skin Ointment1: Acts as an additional lubricant for the cornea. It soothes scratches and small abrasions, soothes dryness and if used on the skin it will soothe minor abrasions. Volume of 5 ml.

(b)Cricket Food1: It has an advantage that the insects cannot drown. Volume of 480 gm.

(c)Turtle & Terrapin Multi-Vit1: A complementary vitamin supplement for turtles, tortoise, terrapins and goldfish. It combats vitamin deficiency and helps to reduce abnormal growth of the shell. Volume of 20 ml.

(d)Insect Spray1It contains ivermectin and is effective against lice, mites and ticks. Volume of 50 ml

(e)Deep Clean1: It provides protection against pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella MRSA and E.Coli fungi. Volume of 500 ml.

·      Small Animals:

(a)  Grooming Spray1: It contains almond oil that moisturises skin and leaves the coat beautiful and shiny. Volume of 150ml.

(b)  Anti-Parasite Spot On1: An approved veterinary preparation containing ivermectin in ready to use pipettes. Volume of 4 tubes.

(c)  Vionate1: Vitamin & mineral supplement .It contains twelve different minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Phosphorus, etc. Volume of 500gm.

(d)  Care+ Rabbit Junior1:  Higher protein, Vitamin A and D3 content for good bone development. Volume of 250gm.

(e)  Hutch and Cage Cleaner1: It is a highly effective double action formulation. Volume of 500 ml

·      Birds:

(a)  Care+1: It is a highly effective double action formulation that both cleans anddisinfects your pet’s home. Volume of 500 ml.

(b)  Bird Mineral Mixture1: A complete nutritional food for birds. Volume of 1.25 kg.

(c)  Insecticidal Spray1: A silent-action spray which contains the insecticide Permethrin (5g/l). Volume of 150 ml.

·      Cats:

(a)Cat Flea Powder1:Controls flea on cat bodies. Volume of 80 gm.

(b)Lactol Feeding Set1: As well as being used for feeding puppies and kittens the bottle can also be used for guinea pigs hedgehogs and rabbits. The set contains a 35 ml feeding bottle four teats and a bottle brush.

(c)  Vionate1: Vitamin & mineral supplement .It contains twelve different minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Phosphorus, etc. Volume of 500gm.

(d)  Cat Little Deoderiser1: Herbal fresh fragrance keeps the area around the litter tray fresh and clean smelling. Volume of 200 gm.

(e)  Play Spray1: Containing catnip oil, it can be used to make scratching posts and toys irresistibly attractive. It can also be used to train cats not to ruin furniture. Volume of 150 ml.

(f)   Ear Drops1: It contains natural pyrethrum to kill ear mites. It is specially formulated to help soften and remove ear wax. Volume : 1st

·      Dogs:

(a)Flea Powder1:Controls flea on dog bodies. Volume of 80 gm.

(b)Lactol 1 kg1: Vitamin-fortified milk powder for puppies. It is made from easily digestible whey proteins. Volume of 1 kg.

(c)Joint Fit1: A complementary feed to assist in the maintenance of healthy joints in dogs of all ages. It is suitable for growing active working and elderly dogs. Volume of 35 ml.

(d)  Odour Neutralising Grooming Spray1: It acts quickly to biodegrade the organic materials on the fur and makes it soft. Volume of 500 ml.

(e)  Anti-Tangle Shampoo1: The shampoo strengthens the hair from root to tip leaving the dog's coat healthy glossy and smelling fresh. Volume of 250 ml.

(f)   Clicker Trainer1: Based on sound scientific principles, this tool will allow you to effectively communicate with your dog and train him to perform both basic obedience and more complicated tasks

Common Features:

Highly Effective

Easy to Use

No Side Effects

Makes your pet look shiny and beautiful

Healthy Food


gm = grams

kg = kilo-grams

ml = milli-litres

1. Beapher Products Manual & Products Website

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