Best available food for Chocolate labrador puppy

20 Jun 2010 | by | Posted in: Q&A

Just a month ago I brought home a mischievious little punk whom I shall refer to as Eion from hereon.

He is almost 3 months old now...when I got him home, the breeder was feeding him cerelac (surprised me too..!)

I went ahead right away and got him a 3kg bag of Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy food.His stools immediately improved and he also became a lot healthier.

Just then, a friend of mine suggested i replace Eukanuba with Royal Canin Labrador Retriever food, which I did, and noticed my pup's coat get even brighter and shinier...

Read up on various forums that these contain a high level of chicken meal (parts of chicken unfit for human consumption) and corn flour and wheat (which apparently are not at all a part of a normal dog's diet)...

Also read that the are better foods available like innova, evo and blue buffalo which are of real better quality...My point here is that i would never give my puppy something that ideally is not a part of his natural diet nor give him stuff made of parts of chicken that i wouldnt eat...

If I am anyway spending a bomb on his food and upkeep, i wouldnt step back and cut costs by giving him food that's inferior in quality just to save a couple of hundreds...

I would like to know if anyone can really suggest some good food for my pup, such an adorable guy that he is...!  :)


Hi Ajinkya!
I have done some research myself and here is what I got regarding Royal Canin:
The quality is definitely the best possible. All the nutrients they use in their foods are actually suitable for human beings. They talk about nutrients and not ingredients actually, which might be confusing. Because we, human beings, do not eat bones, it does not mean that you can not find good nutrients inside it, good for men as well as for dogs.

See, what dogs needs are proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fatty acids etc. Royal Canin uses these nutrients as per the dogs' needs - hence a special formula for Labradors for example, or for different sizes at different ages.

I hope this will help you make up your mind!!
All the best for Eion!

By: Sushmita | 21 Jun 2010

Himanshu Mehta
You may want to look at the questions, comments and links posted by me elsewhere on this website. Also, do have a look at~ It is horrendously expensive though.

By: Himanshu Mehta | 21 Jun 2010

Prejith Sampath
Royal Canin doesn't sell the same product they do in the US. I got their mini puppy 33 and was shocked to see the ingredients were'nt the same as their US product which contains rice and some other better ingredients. I even mailed asking them why they sold us products containing maize when India was one of the largest producers of rice, while US which is the largest producer of maize gets the product containing rice. They wrote back but their answers were'nt satisfactory. So much for their double standards.

By: Prejith Sampath | 07 Jul 2010

Himanshu Mehta
Mass brands are #@*!

By: Himanshu Mehta | 07 Jul 2010

Ajinkya Gaikwad
how about pedigrree professional...? It has 1% more protein than royal canin....

By: Ajinkya Gaikwad | 10 Jul 2010

The best you can do is go for RAW feeding, but after proper research.

By: bhartan | 23 Jul 2010

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