Best of My Genie

15 Feb 2011 | by | Posted in: Events

Dear Friends,

My dog Genie is with me since she is 20 days old. This is the 1st dog in my life. I got her as a marriage gift. She is very play and obedient. I have taught many things to her so that she is very friendly with us in all aspects. she can understand 2 languages (ENGLISH and TAMIL).

In the early days she used to urinate everywhere is the house except in my bed room. Till she is 5 month i used to tie her in of for the bed leg. When she is 3 month old puppy one day around 3 AM she woke up just by calling  me with his leg, i regognised that she is call me to do his business. I really appreciated her begaviour.

We just used to talk with her casully. I do not know how to train a dog. I learnt it from internet, self thought etc.,

My Genie obeys for the following commands.


  1. Sit       - English and Tamil
  2. Stand - English and Tamil
  3. lie down - English and Tamil
  4. shake hand - English
  5. touch - English
  6. up - English
  7. Get down - - English
  8. Roll -- English
  9. Round -- English
  10. Speak - English
  11. Come here - English and Tamil
  12. Wait - English
  13. Take - English and Tamil
  14. keep down - Tamil
  15. No - English
  16. Back - English
  17. She learnt not to drag while walking
  18. Catch - English
  19. if you give a object and ask her to hand over to one of my family member she will go and give it to that person - Tamil
  20. She will play hide and seek
  21. she will bring the food bowl when we ask her to bring - Tamil
  22. If she is hungry she will bring the food bowl and ask for food.
  23. She will call for us if she  need to do his outside business.
  24. Everyday she will wake me at 6:40 AM. She will just tocuh me and wake me. She will never bark and disturb others sleep.

If anyone needs suggestion please contact me.

I Love my Genie.



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