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Crate Training: The best method to set your pet into its cage

06 Oct 2010 | by | Posted in: Training

Source: thedogtrainingsecret.com

Imagine when you say a command Go to your Bed - immediately your pet will go to its bed/Kenne/Cage whatever it is. It will be amazing for you as well as the guest.

Kindly follow these steps and practise it and you will make it a loveable Pet:

1. Always give a treat to your pet inside  the cage / kennel .

2. Place a treat inside your pets cage / kennel and say the command "go to your bed"

3. Once it reaches inside close the door for a while and then open it and release it. It should feel that ..The cage or kennel is not a place where owners will keep them closed for a long time.

4. You can train them with a treat (Dog biscuits) a ball,Train it 4 to 6 times a day and after repeating it say the command and avoid the treat.

5. Your pet should feel that It will get the treat some day if it obeys your command. After training it treat them once in a while.

Your friends and relatives will be surprised and amazed seeing that your pet obeys and goes to its place in a single command.


Karan Sidhu
My pet is 2 years old and i want her to stay in her home which is made by me. She starts whining and barking whenever i left her alone outside the room or under the shed/home. How to keep her stay in home for atleast 1 hour so that it will be habitat for her.

By: Karan Sidhu | 22 Apr 2011

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