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Blind Dogs Can See Your Soul [Video]

14 May 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

The common agenda for potential dog owners in India when deciding to get a dog into the family is getting a purebred puppy. The general reason is that ‘they know what they are getting into’. Slightly misinformed is the opinion where you can know the health and behaviour of a puppy based on the breed it belongs to or for the sole reason of being ‘purebred’. This case is quite refutable, especially in India because of the unethical breeding practices inscribed by puppy mills and profit-oriented breeders.

Another common misconception that I have regularly heard is that an old or disabled dog is ‘impossible to train’. The video below will most certainly cast a shadow of doubt over the information gap that persists amongst the generic pet owners who rely more on experience than expertise.

This video is of Kellar, a 3 year- old English Springer Spaniel who was born blind. His owners however did not have any bias against him amongst their other pets. To add to that, they have shaped a custom training format for him to be able to enjoy his life like a normal dog. This is established by teaching him commands for seeking and fetching toys so he can participate in play times just like dogs with vision.

A very emotional reflection from this video that we can take away as our collective compassion is just very slightly lagging behind seeing that many owners in India will abandon their perfectly able pets for the vague reason that their ‘puppy grew up’ and is ‘not cute anymore’.

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