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Body language of your dog

13 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Summary – What is your dog trying to tell you? At times, your dog’s behavior can be baffling and confusing. As much as you love your pooch, you can feel at a loss if you cannot interpret what he is trying to tell you. Learn to understand what your dog is trying to communicate through his body language! It is easier than you think!

Understanding your dog’s body language


Has your dog ever slept near your feet with his stance upward? Ever wondered what that action meant? Dogs are very expressive creatures. But their language is definitely not like ours, so as a pet owner, you’ll have to communicate with your four-legged friend by comprehending their body language. Here are a few tips on how to understand your dog.


Dog body language

Source- https://upload.wikimedia.org


When your canine is wagging its tail slowly and in a lower position

Pic 1


Source- https://upload.wikimedia.org

This body language means that your dog is unsure about what is required of him. He doesn’t understand your command and is asking for your help. If you catch your dog doing this, please be gentle and make your instructions very clear.


When the body of your dog is leaning forward and their legs are rigid and strong

Dog body language

Source- https://upload.wikimedia.org/

This means that your dog has detected a threat and is ready to face it. He is passing on a clear message to his opponent that he is not going to back out. If you notice two dogs in this position, be prepared to witness a dog war.


When their stance is rolled over

Dog body language

Source- https://upload.wikimedia.org/

It is a very submissive gesture. If you see your dog doing this, it means that he is willing to accept your dominance. He is allowing you to do to him what you please. You can comb him, cuddle up or just play with his hair. He is all yours!


When one of your dog’s paws is raised

Dog body language

Source- https://pixabay.com/


This indicates that your dog is not sure what to do and doesn’t understand the situation he is in. He is anticipating something to happen and is confused what to do next. If you have taken your canine to the vet, you would have seen this body language. Your dog is anxious.


When your cute canine places its head or paw on your knee.

Dog body language

Source- https://i.ytimg.com/vi/EMmK9osuBmA/maxresdefault.jpg

This is an attention-grabbing technique. It’s the perfect time to mMake your dog feel loved and tell him that you are there for him.

When their ears are standing erect

Dog body languageSource- https://upload.wikimedia.org/

This means that your dog is in a very good mood to play. They are curious about something new in the environment and are paying attention to it. When your dog is excited, make sure that you express the same energy as theirs. You are going to have a great time with your dog.

Dogs also have their ears erect whenever they hear an unexpected sound. They are super alert creatures, so if you see them restless and with ears erect at night all of a sudden, make sure you have no intruders at home!

When their ears are pulled back flattened against the head.


Dog body languageSource- https://upload.wikimedia.org

This means that your dog is scared of something and is asking for you to be protective. Dogs can get scared of many things like water, fire, insects, toys or a new animal in the house. Sit with your dog and make him feel safe.

When they simply smile

Dog body language

Source- https://www.flickr.com/

Have you noticed your dog smile? Their jaws wide open? This means that they are very happy and feel safe and relaxed. You can make use of this time to play with your dog.

When their eyes are looking away and doesn’t meet yours

Pic 9

Source- ?https://upload.wikimedia.org/

When your dog doesn’t look straight into your eyes, it means that he has done something that requires punishment. He is being submissive to you and is accepting you to go ahead and punish him. He knows that he is wrong.

When their eyes are narrowed and they are staring at one place

Pic 10

Source- https://pixabay.com

This means that your dog is very angry and is displaying an aggressive behavior. It is time to back off from your dog slowly and give him some time alone to calm down.

There are many dog gestures that we admire and enjoy. Their puppy face, cute eyes blinking, eyes expressing love for you, their loyal tail wags and not to forget their loving licks, but do we understand the message they are trying to convey? Sit with your dog, observe it and understand your dog better. End of the day, each dog is different.



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