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This accident takes place merely a month back from today.

As usual in the morning I took bolt my 2 year old boxer for a walk and a run in the park. As he was running and using all his muscles, a Doberman came with a look on his face that was very difficult to understand.

Doberman is also only 5 years old, in his prime, but I didn’t had a clue that he would first play with bolt cunningly and then lure him to his house and then attack him with all his might.This was indeed a very strange behavior. The Doberman was trying to mount bolt and when bolt tried to return the favor Doberman attacked. I came charging towards the Doberman, not knowing what to do as he had pinned bolt down but bolt was also not giving up easily and was trying to box his way out. The Doberman was too much for him. So I had to hit Doberman with the leash and then he let go of bolt.

There was only few scratches and all was thankfully fine but that incident has changed bolt now he realizes that every dog might not be a playmate lesson learnt through the hard way, and a narrow escape as well.





thats the basic problem with boxer.. they are innocent among canine.. and xyz stray will bark they never reply and want to play with every one.
I had a similar exp. my dog (that time seven mnt) was chasing my byke, saw few stray went 2 play with them and had his quota..

By: arpan | 10 Sep 2011

Nikhil Palli
My labrador realized that all strays are not friends after he got bit twice in a period of 2 months and he has changed for good,he's friendly with all dogs but not overfriendly with the strays now.I have bought a boxer recently and he's doing greast with the labrador and the both of them play all day however I am having one problem and I hope Shalin you can help me,when I put the boxer away if he's doing something wrong then he comes at me only as if to attacky(it seems cute now as he is a puppy but it wont look cute when he's a powerful adult)..please advise me from your experience.

By: Nikhil Palli | 12 Sep 2011

dear Nikhil, boxers are stubborn and intelligent, unless they will accept u as their pack leader its not easy to command them.. learn dog pshyc in net and a must do for pack leader..

By: arpan | 16 Sep 2011

Anil @ DoggiesDude
this is trust issue which every owner has in the dog. Its deadly sometimes. Hence never leave offleash in a public park.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 16 Sep 2011

sorry for replying late.
the one thing which u can do is to discipline your boxer at this stage and its easy.just get hold of him and put him on his back and keep him there until he has cooled down.this ritual is just to ensure your position as a pack leader.your lab is also i think not teaching him manners.
use minimum force,it has to be psychological rather than physical.i still do it with bolt and believe me it works.all u need to do is assert yourself.
this will help.,if not then write back to me.


By: Shalin | 24 Sep 2011

Nikhil Palli
Shalin no worries,thank you and I do try to force him down and otherwise also he has settled down quite a bit now and bullies my lab less and plays with him more spiritedly now

By: Nikhil Palli | 28 Sep 2011

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