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BOXER: Clown of the Canine world

23 Aug 2010 | by Shalin | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Most of you must have seen a boxer. For those you have'nt please browse through any site or simply type boxer dog in google and you will have ample of information.

I did that before buying a boxer for myself and i must concede that they are very useful but one thing i found is that you dont get direct information very easily. I mean you have search/read for hours and then you will be able to find that information hidden between the lines.

Source: bullytree.com

In this blog i will try to give as much information about the breed in a very systematic manner which i hope will be useful for any future Boxer buyer. I hope that the present boxer owners and enthusiasts will agree with me and their suggestions and corrections are appreciated and required.

So lets come to the point. For the introduction,

When i first saw this breed i was in class fourth and here was a boxer sitting at the entrance of its masters house very much like a guard and it looked very ferocious. I never ever tried to become friendly with that 'monster'. Years passed on and it was only when i was in class 12th that i truly came to understand this breed. One of my freinds still has 8 or 9 boxers. After that my first impression got changed.


1) Dont go on their looks.They are physically tough but as gentle as Labs.

2) They are quite strong,mature late.Early training is prefferable

3)Doesnt mean that they are not good guards. There is an old saying"the boxer fears neither death nor the devil himself". But they are best as watch dogs.

4) Bundle of energy. Never ever gets tired. if you can make a boxer tired then you can win an olympic gold.

5) Can be head strong. But always ready to please its master. It is a typical family dog

6) Can play the role of both the Doberman and the Lab as the situation demands.

7) Needs regular exercise.

8) Extreme temperature either cold or hot is not suitable and special care has to be taken while doing any physical exercise during these conditions.

9) No need of harness. Ordinary collar will do.

10) Being medium sized dog they dont eat much (6 chapatis or a medium bowl of rice and chicken)

11) Although they are priceless but they can cost you anywhere between 7 to 15 thousand


1)  UK style

2)  European style

3) American style

They all are boxers with only slight differences. Only the American style breeding focusses more on style and elegance than substance. That means that american boxers are leaner. For more information you can go to www.worldwideboxers.com.


KamalRaj J Kuppal
Nice article Shalin, can u check the url that you gave once again? its http://www.worldwideboxer.com/ I hope so.

By: KamalRaj J Kuppal | 24 Aug 2010

nic one..!!! gr8 job Shalin..!!!

By: Manigandarajan | 30 Aug 2010

thanks all

By: Shalin | 30 Aug 2010

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